Work, Earn, Play at KidZania London!

Work, Earn, Play at KidZania London!

Last day of the school holiday saw us finally making it to the city of KidZania in Westfield Shopping Centre in London, a City for 4 – 14 year olds with more than 60 real life role play adventures.

Our older daughter Isabelle has heard about this magic place for kids from a few of her classmates and was super excited. Once we browsed the website and showed all the activities you can do to our 4-year-old, she was also very keen.

As we were approaching KidZania, we spotted a cockpit of a giant british Airways plane, and both girls were getting even more excited. Olivia mistakenly thought we were going on a holiday, flying somewhere as the whole experience actually really resembled what we often do when we travel abroad.

KidZania London 2 KidZania london

Soon our tickets were checked, and we were given special identification bracelets which you need when you want to take part in an experience later on and 50 kidZos (KidZania’s very own currency). The whole visit can last up to 4 hours, which I originally thought would be too long for us. I was wrong!

As this was our first visit, we kind of had no idea what to do, so were just browsing and wading through the crowds of excited children.

Then Isabelle spotted a surgery and decided that it was time to experience what being a surgeon is.

KidZania London Surgery

Olivia was suddenly not very keen, and it took me a bit of persuasion, but once she saw her big sister being so excited whole queueing, she joined in. I can honestly say both girls had a great time.

Years back I wanted to study to become a doctor, and Isabelle has recently also showed much more interest in the subjects that are closely connected with this profession. After this experience she said she really loved it and that she could imagine being a doctor/surgeon.

Well, that’s still far away, but who knows?

After doing their job, both girls were paid in kidZos, and looked so proud of earning these!

KidZania London maternity

The next thing they went for was looking after newborns at a maternity unit. It was actually quite emotional for me watching them doing stuff I used to do with both of them when they were tiny. Hopefully they will be experience in real life one day when they grow up.

Afterwards they received some more well-earned money, and decided to sit down and have a break with some food.

KidZania London Cadbury factoryOlivia resisted licking the bowl!KidZania London Carbury

The next stop was the very popular Cadbury chocolate factory. Again, a fantastic way how to teach children how chocolate is made and other things like where the cocoa is from, and what cocoa beans look like.

KidZania London hairdressers

Girls loved becoming hairdressers. Olivia despite being a bit too short to be standing up and looking after her customer has solved the problem by sitting on the chair herself!

The last experience we managed to squeeze into our visit was the science laboratory. There were so many other experiences the girls wanted to go for, but we were running out of time, plus they also wanted to spend their money.

KidZania London Science labKidZania london Science lab 2

Olivia was very keen on having her face painted and also getting a glitter tattoo. Unfortunately as this was so popular there were not any left, but she finished up getting some sparkly stickers instead, which she was happy about.

The next time we know to go for this first, once we arrive as well as for face-painting as the queue seemed just never-ending.

face painting KidZania London

I as a parent I have to say I had a great time watching my girls being so excited, inspired and thinking hard about where to spend their earned money.

If I could suggest one area for improvement, it would be regarding the queuing for the experiences.

Of course we have to count on waiting, but it’s a bit frustrating if you have no idea how long for? I think this could easily be done by a simple paper clock that would be displayed near the door where the other signs about how much you can earn, etc are.

The person who takes the children through the experience would then every time they start a new experience change the time to show when the experience has started or the time when the next one will start.

Some experiences take 30 minutes and you could be queueing there for quite a while, which especially with the little ones can be tricky.

London KidZania

We had an amazing day at KidZania, and girls have already asked when we would be back, which shows that it really is a place not worth just one visit, but definitely worth becoming a regular KidZanian!

Disclosure: We were provided with free entry to KidZania London in return for an honest review.

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  • Jennifer Howze April 19, 2016 3:14 pm

    This looks like so much fun. We tried Kidzania in Dubai — it was great to hear it is now in London. It strikes me as the perfect place for a kids’ party because there are so many active, fun things for them to do. Love the hairdressing pics!

  • Honest Mum April 19, 2016 7:33 pm

    This looks brilliant, planting the seeds for future possible professions giving kids a taste of how fun exploring different worlds can be! Love it x

  • Mirka April 19, 2016 8:00 pm

    Absolutely Jen, have checked out the party room, and Isabelle has already started planning her 10th birthday party there, btw her 9th birthday is tomorrow!

  • Mirka April 19, 2016 8:00 pm

    Will take you there the next time you come and see us with your boys! I wish there was Kidzania when I was little!

  • kim neville April 20, 2016 10:37 am

    My son would love to go especially the science laboratory

  • Susan Mann April 21, 2016 10:18 pm

    This looks fab. Really interesting and great for kids. Now we just need it further north xx

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