Wimbledon Treats for ZSL London Zoo’s Lemurs

Wimbledon Treats for ZSL London Zoo’s Lemurs

As excitement builds for the Wimbledon finals this weekend, ring-tailed residents at ZSL London Zoo have been getting in on the action – with a beetroot ball buffet!

Hidden inside baskets made from tennis balls and suspended from trees, the tempting titbits proved to be a grand slam for the lively lemurs, who had to balance on branches to enjoy the juicy veg.

The Zoo’s troop of ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta) were served up the tennis-style snacks by keepers to celebrate the annual tournament – and according to senior keeper Christina Stender they really hit the sweet spot.

“We give the lemurs lots of different enrichment and present their food in a variety of ways to arouse their curiosity and encourage their natural behaviours – like climbing and exploring,” explained Christina.

“The lemurs loved their tennis-themed treats – there were pink fingers and faces all round!”

In the end it was game, set and match for the lemurs, who had an ace time tucking into the bite-sized beetroots.

Visitors to ZSL London Zoo can get up close and personal with the ring-tailed lemurs in their walkthrough home, In with the Lemurs.

Along with ZSL London Zoo’s breath-taking new exhibit, Land of the Lions, there’s tons to see this summer.

In with the Lemurs

In with the Lemurs opened to the public in 2015. Home to a troop of male lemurs, visitors can walk among the forest home of the playful primates as they leap and climb overhead.

Combining an incredible visitor experience with the opportunity to raise awareness of the threats lemurs face in the wild and ZSL’s conservation efforts in Madagascar, In with the Lemurs is a must-see attraction at ZSL London Zoo.

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Land of the Lions

ZSL London Zoo’s flagship exhibit Land of the Lions was opened by HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in March 2016.

Its biggest and most breath-taking exhibit to date, Land of the Lions transports visitors from the heart of London to India’s vibrant Sasan Gir, where they can get closer than ever before to mighty Asiatic lions.

Land of the Lions incorporates ZSL’s decades of animal expertise and provides the ideal home for the Zoo’s pride, who will play a vital role in the European breeding programme for the endangered species.

The result of ZSL’s Asiatic lions fundraising campaign, Land of the Lions supports ZSL’s international conservation efforts to help protect this endangered species in India.

Find out more and book tickets online now at www.zsl.org.

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