What we did this half-term!

We went skiing! Keeping your children busy during school holidays can be an easy task if you plan everything in advance. I have to admit and say, that until October last year, I used to count on all help I was able to get from my mum who always flew to London and stayed with us for 2-3 weeks. Isabelle loves having her around, and that also meant I had time to do things I wasn’t able to do as we have no family around who could be helping or looking after our two darling daughters. Unfortunately my dad has been very ill since then, and my mum cannot be coming to stay with us anymore as she needs to be looking after him.

During Xmas holidays we were not able to fly over to be with my family as my nephew had mumps, but me and daddy decided we would have a great Xmas and plan many things to do together as a family of four. At the end the holidays didn’t go according to our plans, but that is just another story!

Last half-term we were spending in the Czech Republic with my family, and I also took my older daughter skiing again. I think the best tip for any school holidays is to make sure you spend some time with your family regardless where they are. Our flight took about 1.5 and then we had another 2 hours of driving in snow, but we all were very excited.

If you decided for the ski option, make sure your child has proper ski trousers and a jacket, which you can easily get here in the UK. Isabelle was just about 3 years old when I took her for the first time, and every year since then (except the last as I was pregnant with Olivia) she had ski lessons. I am a TKMaxx addict, and have always been very lucky finding some amazing ski outfits for her for the fraction of the prize you would normally pay for them. They often have sale on after winter, and you can get them even cheaper and keep them for the next year!

If you have a younger child who hasn’t been skiing yet, I suggest not to buy ski boots or skis as they will grow out of the boots soon, and skis can be expensive. Once you get to the ski resort, there are usually a few places where you can borrow all the ski gear including a helmet, but that is maybe one thing I would invest in. I also recommend booking some ski lessons even if you are an experienced skier like me (I am actually a qualified ski instructor, but haven’t done it in years) as your child will probably learn much quicker from another person than you, at least that is my experience. Once they learn the basics, you can take over and save on the ski lessons.

Ski holidays can get quite expensive if you go to places like the Alps, but if you need a good ski holidays on a budget, I could recommend a few places in the Czech Republic, just get in touch!

Watch this space, a video of Isabelle skiing is coming soon!

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