The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

The Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

The last weekend of the summer school holiday was very special for us as we were invited to check the Warner Bros Studio Tour London “The Making of Harry Potter” near Watford. We are local so getting there was very easy.


Isabelle has seen the first two movies and is currently reading the first book. She is in love with the wonderful world of Harry Potter, which I am very happy about as I am a huge fan too. I will never forget watching the first movie with daddy when we were still living in sunny Sydney. Back then I had no idea how huge this is going to be and that one day my 8-year-old daughter would want to be like Hermione.

After we picked up our tickets we queued for a bit before we were taken to a special room and introduced to the studios and have learnt some interesting facts from behind the scenes and also that we would need at least 3 hours to see everything without rushing. I think we spent 3.5 hours at least and can tell you that we could easily spend even longer and I am absolutely sure we will be back.

Olivia at Warner Bros making of Harry Potter Studio Tour


IMG_3034We all were given “The making of Harry potter’ passports which is a fab idea for kids. You need to find answers to a few questions, collect 6 stamps and find 13 golden snitches hidden throughout the Studio Tour.

Unfortunately our 3-year-old Olivia decided it was not for her and as we did not bring her buggy after about 40 minutes daddy made the decision to drive back home with her. It was a shame as he is a big fan too, but I think this is really not suitable for such a little person and would recommend to take your children once they are of Isabelle’s or similar age not younger.

IMG_3025 IMG_3026 (1) IMG_3027 IMG_3028 IMG_3029

Some people think it’s better to read the book and then see the movies and visit, but Isabelle was so keen we could not wait for her to read all the books, but she is half-way through the first book now. I believe our visit has inspired her and encouraged her to read more and hopefully she will read all the books and see all the movies one day.

When we visited there was currently #SweetsAndTreats campaign going on, which was very interesting. If you remember all the amazing sweet treats from the movies, there were artists showing you how these were made. They also had samples of real food and then the artificial copy, and I bet you would not tell the difference. that’s how great they were! just look!

IMG_3081 IMG_3082


I took tons of photos, and obviously cannot share them all here, but the following ones are my favourite! Enjoy!

IMG_3121 IMG_3125 (1) IMG_3128 (1)

IMG_3042 IMG_3043 IMG_3044 IMG_3045 IMG_3050 IMG_3051 IMG_3053 IMG_3065 IMG_3066 (1) IMG_3067 IMG_3071 IMG_3072 (1) IMG_3075 (1) IMG_3078

IMG_3083 IMG_3092 (1)

harry potter studio tour train

IMG_3100 IMG_3102 IMG_3115 IMG_3120

Me and Isabelle were exploring the exhibits and some things we saw were just amazing! If you follow me on Instagram you could have seen me posting a few photos and videos from our visit. If you missed them, you can still see them all on my Instagram account @KAHANKA, just scroll down and enjoy!

Thank you Warner Bros for organising free tickets for us, and cannot wait to be back to explore some more soon!

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  • Susan Mann September 18, 2015 1:58 pm

    Looks amazing. My boys and I would love this. xx

    • Mirka September 18, 2015 2:15 pm

      I know, lucky us! You need to come and see us in London. We live just 15 minutes away, and it’s absolutely an amazing experience!

  • Ebabee September 21, 2015 3:04 pm

    This looks AMAZING – I want to go now! A is a bit young still for Harry Potter but I am a fan and have read all the books,. But as soon as she is old enough, I will be introducing her to the books and movies. In the meantime, I am tempted to go anyway as it really looks so fun.

    • Mirka September 22, 2015 10:20 am

      You should. I was actually surprised there were more adults and late teenagers than smaller children, but it does make sense, doesn’t it? Take your husband, and come to see us too, we are very close!

  • Honest mum September 21, 2015 3:30 pm

    Amazing, magical post, the sweets and treats campaign looks insanely good, you are right I literally couldn’t tell the difference. I adore how much HP helped the British film industry, the craft and artistry was out of this world and JK Rowling got millions of children reading again and deserves all her success. We visited when the boys were younger and we raced through. I want to return when Oliver is slightly older and can appreciate it fully. LOVE the picture of you pushing the trolley through KX, amazing how many people queue up there. We have to all go back together. What a wonderful review, they were so lucky to have a top blogger like you visit x

    • Mirka September 22, 2015 10:36 am

      Thanks Vicki for you lovely comment! I agree with you, and hopefully we can go back together once your boys and Olivia are a bit older.

  • Uju September 22, 2015 9:13 pm

    What an absolutely fabulous review Mirka, your pictures are great! I can’t believe we still haven’t been to Harry Potter but it will be perfect timing to plan a trip, as both the boys are now confirmed Harry Potter nuts (I was already a fan, probably more than the kids even).

    I love the passport into the experience and the whole place looks so enchanting. Definitely on my London bucket list 🙂 x

    • Mirka September 24, 2015 9:22 pm

      Thanks lovely. Your boys and you will love it. Let’s organise a get together soon!

  • Sabina Green October 9, 2015 10:07 pm

    Aw love it there! We visited a couple of years ago and had a brilliant day but I definitely agree with you, it’s not ideal to take younger children. The Beans were only a few months, 2 years and 4 years when we went and so they wanted to fly through it all whereas Hubby, Curly and I wanted to really stop and look. We will definitely be going back in the future, LB and BB have now watched the first two films and LB is currently reading the first book so it won’t be too long before I can go back with them 🙂

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