The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

The Importance of Outdoor Play for Children

This year it seems like the winter just does not want to leave. After wearing my new summer dress on one day, I was wearing my winter coat the next.

One minute it’s sunny and warm, the next you can expect hails and snow.

This is the first year since our 9-year-old was born and we did not celebrate her birthday outside in our dresses and shorts.

It was pretty cold last weekend, raining, and our plans for having a BBQ with a few friends and family had to change. We were pushed to squeeze everyone indoors, and spend yet another weekend inside.

I know that children are much different to adults, and they do not mind the cold and rain so much, but still the difference sunshine makes is just huge.

When we lived with daddy in sunny Sydney more than 10 years ago, I was out literally EVERY single day, and couldn’t get enough of the amazing weather there.

Moving back to London was a huge shock for my system after more than 5 years spending so much time outdoors and I remember that since our Isabelle was tiny, I was secretly pretending we were back in Sydney, and was trying hard to spend lots of time outside despite the massive temperature and weather differences.


Olivia exploring a pretend “sandy beach” in her new Clarks casual trainers!

Both our girls love being outside, and were delighted when we were approached by Mothercare to collaborate again.

They have recently launched their Outdoor Play campaign, where they are trying to stress the importance of playing outside for your child’s imagination and other skills development.

My girls were sent the ELC TP Explorer Frame with Platform and Den (RRP £189.99) for a review, and could not wait for daddy to get back from his business trip to Singapore to put it up as there was no way I would try assembling this on my own, and unfortunately we have no family around to help and all our friends were busy too.

outdoor play

Once the girls saw the play centre for the first time, there was lots of screaming and shouting, and I do not think anyone can be surprised that they spent absolutely ages playing in their new den, and did not want to leave!

I believe we as parents need to encourage our kids to play more outside and spend less time on their technology toys. This is much easier to do with younger children, as I can imagine that changing habits when they are teenagers must be much harder.

We lead by an example so spending more time and actually playing with your children can be so much fun, and memories to treasure and keep, as they grow up so fast, and soon will not want to be playing with us.

What do you think? Do you encourage your children to play outdoors and how?

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