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Olivia Getting Confident in Water with “Konfidence”

travel Turkey June 28, 2016 1 Comments

We were lucky enough to return to the Limak Arcadia resort in Turkey for the May half-term holiday. We have booked the same place for our beach holiday before, and usually explore new places but our last stay was really lovely and we kind of knew what to expect and that was exactly what we really needed from this holiday. Just in time for…

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Our Family Holiday in Turkey: The Limak Arcadia Golf Resort

family family holiday holidays travel Turkey November 8, 2014 16 Comments

Last half-term holidays my family spent in sunlit Turkey. Escaping the wet and grey autumn days is always great, and as daddy had no summer holidays due to work we treated ourselves to a stay at one of the best rated Antalya’s resorts, the Limak Arcadia Golf Resort. Like many other people when we search for our new holiday, we…

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