Strengthening Pelvic Floor – No More Leaks

Strengthening Pelvic Floor – No More Leaks

Back in September I was contacted by the Innovo team to attend the launch of their new product at the lovely Soho Hotel in London.

The event marked the launch of a new campaign which is all around Inner Strength, in particular, the strength of the pelvic floor! I know. I can see you rolling your eyes and hiding away… but please don’t.

It’s such a shame we tend to discuss everything else but when it comes to our pelvic floor, we don’t or are ashamed of doing so. That’s why I was even more interested in attending and testing this product, and let you know my thoughts on it.

Pelvic Floor

Pelvic floor weakness affects an estimated 1 in 3 women in the UK, particularly following childbirth, yet many cases of stress urinary incontinence cases can be reduced or eliminated by pelvic floor muscle training.

There are also other benefits to a strong pelvic floor including increased sexual pleasure! Ehm, ehm, ehm. Now I get your attention!

Pelvic floor weakness affects an estimated 1 in 3 women in the UK & 1 in 10 men!

The evening started with Jane Wake, a pelvic floor Pilates instructor, telling us all about the importance of exercising our pelvic floor. She also explained where we should find our muscles and what exercises we can do to maintain our healthy pelvic floor.

Then the INNOVO team presented the newly launched unisex shorts and explained all the features and benefits.

INNOVO uses a patented EMS system to provide a convenient, garment-based solution treating the underlying causes to help women build their inner strength.

The evening was wrapped up with a performance of a stand-up comedian who is back from the Edinburgh Fringe where her show ‘Laugh, don’t leak’ received 5* reviews and no wonder. I hadn’t laughed that much for a long time! That was a good test to see how strong my pelvic floor is!


– non-invasively strengthens your pelvic floor

– clinically proven, a long lasting solution to treat the root cause of bladder weakness

– suitable for both men and women

Bladder weakness, urinary incontinence, little accidents, whatever you call it, this is what commonly happens when we cough, sneeze, laugh, or feel a sudden urge and have to go straight away.

A weakened pelvic floor can be caused by pregnancy, surgery, heavy lifting, pelvic/prostate surgery, menopause, high-intensity workout and being overweight. 1 in 3 women and 1 on 10 men suffer from leaks every day!

… But because the pelvic floor is a muscle, you can strenghten it!

As a fitness blogger behind Fitness 4 Mamas, and a mother of two, I know how important it is to exercise my pelvic floor.

On the other hand, I am sad to say I don’t do so as much as I should. At the end of the day, every muscle needs to be exercised to be strong and working properly, so pelvic floor should be no exception. It all makes sense, doesn’t it?

running buggy

As a keen runner, I had a few “accidents” while back to running soon after giving birth to my second daughter. Luckily it’s improved, but when my girls ask me to join them on the trampoline, I am still reluctant as I feel like it might happen again… Yes, it happens to the best of us and there is really no shame to talk about it!

Soon after the product launch, I was sent a pair of shorts to try. I went for the small size (UK10-12). Then I carefully read the product manual.

I highly recommend this as there are loads of tips of what programme to choose, how to wear the shorts correctly, and how to solve a few issues.

Then I put my shorts on and started getting used to the intensity of the impulses. It took me a few days to reach the recommended intensity for my size, and also to find out which position I was most comfortable to be in while wearing the shorts.

It has been 6 weeks since I have been using shorts. I am so pleased to say I can actually feel how my pelvic muscles are getting stronger.

Before using Innovo shorts I struggled to squeeze and exercise these muscles but this is changing, and I am not stopping. My aim is for my pelvic floor to be so strong to make me confident enough to join my two daughters on the trampoline!

Another great thing about this is that they see me wearing the INNOVO shorts and know why I am doing so. The educating about the importance of pelvic floor has started early in our family, which I believe is a great thing. What do you say?

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