Staying Safe in the Sun with SUNUVA

Staying Safe in the Sun with SUNUVA

We usually spend the summer holiday with my family in the Czech Republic, but this year we have decided to experience the British summer, and also spend 2 weeks in hot Turkey.

The first morning after both girls broke up from school we got up super early and caught a 7am flight from London Gatwick.

This was the first time we have ever taken such an early flight, and now can tell you that I much prefer the afternoon one as waking the girls up at 3:30am and making sure we have everything was quite stressful for me. I do like having a nice family breakfast, and making final checks in the morning before our flight.

Anyway after arriving at the luxurious Calista Resort in Antalya, Turkey, we were reunited with my brother and his family and were super excited about spending 2 weeks together.

We have been to Turkey a few times before, but always during the May half-term holiday, and the weather during our stays was always fantastic, hot but not too hot. The sea was always cold and even the swimming pools, but our girls did not mind.

Isabelle in SUNUVA Girls IKAT Bikini

At this time of the year the temperatures were hitting 47C in shade, and that was a bit too much even for me, the sun and heat lover. Luckily there were many places with air-conditioning so we always managed to cool down our bodies.

How to Stay Safe in the Sun?


After more than 10 years travelling with my little ones, I have learnt that keeping them safe in the sun is essential. Long gone are the days when even I as a kid was after tanning my body. The darker the better, and using some ridiculous UV 6+ factor sun cream, wearing no sunhat and spending the most/all of the day in the sunshine.

My top tips:

  • Babies and toddlers should really spend the least amount in the direct sun, so keep them in shade as much as possible.
  • Always apply high factor sun cream, UV 50+ is the best you can do, and re-apply after the recommended time for different skin types.
  • We love using spray & water proof suncream. There are also some that are sandproof! Great for the little ones when creating sand castle on the beach!
  • Sun hats are a must even for mums & dads. If your little one loves taking it off, get the ones with strings so they are more difficult to take off, also great for windy conditions as chasing after a sunhat can be quite a challenge!
  • Make sure you keep your little ones out of sun during the hottest parts of the day, around midday till about 3pm.
  • Wearing UV 50+ protective swimwear is also one of the best tips I can offer.

Luckily both girls were also sent some lovely UV 50+ protection swimwear by SUNUVA, as the sun was so hot and despite putting loads of the sun cream with 50+ factor, I was worried they would get sunburnt. Happy to say that they did not, but guess who did?

Hopefully SUNUVA will start their ladies range soon as I absolutely love their bikinis and all swimwear. The patterns, colours, designs and little details are so lovely that we always get people asking about my girls’ swimwear.


And that’s not all! The colours stayed the same after my girls wearing their swimwear daily, soaking these not only in the pool water but also in the sea. The items also dried super quickly. All you need for your little ones’ happy faces!

Go and check their website! Don’t forget there is currently a summer sale, so you get some fab quality kids swimwear for up to 50%! Too good to miss out on!

Cannot wait for the new collection to come out!

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