Santa Spectacular at Willows Farm

Santa Spectacular at Willows Farm

On Saturday morning my younger one was up extra early. She was so excited as we were invited to review her favourite Willows Farm, and this time as it’s near Xmas meeting Santa too.

This has become our tradition for quite a few past years, and no wonder as there are so many activities for children that will keep you busy for the whole day. Check out my InstaStories for more!

The weather on the day wasn’t great for being outside, so having the workshops and shows inside was great. 

We started with Santa’s Grotto as she was too excited to wait for later. Also if you want to avoid queuing for long, especially with very young children, we have noticed that seeing Santa the first thing in the morning works the best. 

This year we were also magically surprised how much the actual walk to Santa’s grotto has changed, and absolutely loved all the new Xmas additions. There was so much magic and sparkle around that even I as an adult was holding my breath and could feel the excitement everywhere around. Seeing my daughter’s eyes lit up was just amazing.

After seeing Santa Olivia was given a magical key to his toy’s workshop and the hunt for a toy started. It didn’t take her that long as she spotted a soft toy penguin and soon we headed for another Xmas adventure.

Creat-a-cuddle was a huge hit. Olivia decided she would keep the Xmas theme and went for creating her very own reindeer with a golden heart inside. Then we went to pet the guinea pigs and meet the reindeer. 

Being as creative as she is, decorating a gingerbread man was also welcomed with some clapping. I was sitting down watching her applying some icing and sweets on her masterpiece. Once she finished it didn’t take her long to munch on her biscuit.

Writing a letter to Santa was on the list next. Olivia has recently been given a “pen licence” at school. She was very proud as she was one of the first children in her class. I have to say that her writing was super neat and that Santa will definitely manage to read all her wishes. As a parent, you can also fill in your child’s address and then they get a reply from Santa before Xmas.

We also made some reindeer dust to sprinkle in front of our house to make sure Santa’s reindeers find the way.

Olivia was also very excited about the 3D Short Festive film and giggled so much when some presents and other things popped right in front of her face. 

Ice-skating is such great fun and you can join your little one on their Magical Ice Rink too. I wasn’t that brave and kept my boots on (as I didn’t want to get injured and not be able to run), that way I was able to support Olivia and create some lovely funny moments together.

After lunch, we headed to the soft play area where the girls had a run-around and I managed to relax with a cup of coffee. When I checked my watch I couldn’t believe how quickly the day has gone. Announcing that it would be soon time to head back home didn’t go down well as expected. I gave in for another half-an-hour. We managed to meet Mischka the husky and also enjoy a few rides at the Christmas fair.

One of the things I forgot to mention is also that as you enter Willows Farm your child gets a passport . Once they do activities they can stamp it. That was definitely a great task and the girls loved looking for the stamps. 

Did you know that Willows Farm will plant a tree for every child ticket purchase to the Santa Spectacular event? The tree will be planted in a tropical forest via TreeSisters who currently fund 9 tree planting projects across the world. Trees grow quickly in tropical rainforests and you have helped to make a positive impact on our world and planetary care. What a great project to be part off!

Thank you for having us Willows Farm, we had a magical time!

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