Rhodes to Heaven!

As the audience of new mums and pregnant women following my blog is growing, I really love adding new reviews on baba products. Not long ago I was sent a few samples of Rhodes to Heaven Natural Baby, and cannot wait to tell you all about them. These days many of you are after products that are organic or have no chemicals in them, as we all want only the best for our babies, and I don’t blame you. Well, this range is great, as it ticks all the boxes for me, no chemicals, is easy to apply, and smells beautifully. Just check out the three products and let your mummy friends know about them!

‘Natural Baby’ Botti Balm 30ml

  • calming botanical barrier balm “jelly” with 100% plant-derived ingredients
  • essential oils of Rose, Chamomile, Orange and Lavender help soothe irritation, smoothe and protect. There’s no Petrolatum, but natural vegetable waxes and Castor Oil instead.

‘Natural Baby’ Body Lotion 100ml

  • natural, gentle and planet-friendly
  • silky lotion rich in organic plant oils, extracts, shea butter and Vitamin E
  • you can smell Rose, Chamomile, Orange and Lavender in this pure baby-friendly formula
  • no parabens or formaldehydes.

‘Natural Baby’ Top to Toe Shampoo/Bodywash 150ml

  • no sting, no tears instant foam cleanser which can be used from top to “bottom”
  • With Rose, Chamomile, Orange and Lavender essential oils

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