Product of the Year 2018 – the Jury Day #ProductofTheYear

Product of the Year 2018 – the Jury Day #ProductofTheYear

September is not only the month both my girls are back to school, but also the month the Product of the Year Jury Day takes place. I have been part of the jury since 2013 and was really looking forward to seeing what products will be on offer this time.

Not only I get a chance to be part of such an amazing testing & judging experience, but I also love catching up with Monica from London Mum’s Magazine and Helga from POTY whom this day would not be possible without.

Me and Monica from London Mum’s Magazine


  • In 2017 #ProductoftheYear trended on Twitter with 3.5m views – a record engagement with the public
  • 86% of consumers are more likely to buy a product bearing the Product of the Year logo, with consumer engagement increasing by over 42% for winning brands
  • Winners receive, on average, a sales increase of 10 – 15% year-on-year with 90% of winners entering again the following year

Confusion persists over low-fat labelling

Despite ‘low-fat’ products typically containing more grams of sugar and harmful additives than full-fat alternatives, this claim is still the most effective on-pack in getting women to buy any given food product, a survey by Product of the Year revealed on 20.01.2017.

12% of females revealed ‘low-fat’ is the most powerful message, and a claim they look for when selecting a healthy snack or meal. Interestingly, in direct contrast to this, men were more likely to be swayed by sugar-free messages (16%) than low-fat messages (11%), and low sugar resonates significantly more amongst a male audience (7%).

These findings show that women are by and large still stuck in a calorie-counting mindset and, despite the warnings about high sugar content in many everyday products, would prefer to stick to a low calorie and low fat diet– even in the face of evidence to the contrary that this is a less healthy and less effective dieting technique than eating heart-healthy fats as it can be loaded with sugar.

With this in mind, SodaStream triumphed at 2017 with its high-tech Power machine, which encourages shoppers to reinvigorate everyday water.

This Product of the Year survey, which was put to 11,637 shoppers across the UK, also showed that the least effective messages on-pack were ‘No calories’, ‘Light’, or ‘Lighter’, attracting just 2% of respondents.

A key trend amongst winners is the rise of foods with a healthy twist, such as Weetabix Protein, or Arla BOB (best of both), combining the taste of semi-skimmed milk with no associated fat. Crucially, neither product use the terminology said to turn consumers off.

2017 Survey: voted for by 11,637 people by UK & ROI by TNS

Mike Nolan, CEO of Product of the Year, commented “2017 is going to be the year of the discerning shopper, as consumers become increasingly aware of the science behind the labels. Product of the Year rewards the most innovative items around, from milk to mattresses, and ensures anyone perusing the supermarket aisles knows a sure fire way to get the best possible product of its kind.”

Cannot wait for January 2018 to attend the Product of the Year 2018 Awards night to find out who the winners are! Every year it’s the event I make sure I attend as it’s too good to miss!

Good luck to all brands who have entered & don’t forget to look out for products with the Product of the Year logo in the shops!

Images photo credit @SimonWilliams

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