Product of the Year 2016 – The Jury Day

Product of the Year 2016 – The Jury Day

This was my 3rd year when I was asked to be part of the jury panel for the Product of the Year. I can still remember the award night last January as it truly was one of the best award events I have ever been to, and cannot wait for the next celebration in January 2016!

The awards are open to all FMCG products launched in the UK over the past 18 months. Entries had to be submitted by 31st July. 

Mirka Moore jury day

With over 180,000 new products launched last year worldwide, it is crucial that brands find ways cut through the noise to stand out to consumers. By including the Product of the Year logo on product packaging and incorporating it into traditional sales, social media and online channels, products have experienced evidential success.

Retailer ASDA pulled pork saw a 50% increase in sales in under 4 weeks after its 2014 Product of the Year win. In a social media context, Weetabix reported a 42% increase in Twitter engagement following its 2013 success, showcasing the benefits when used as part of a social media strategy. Use of the stamp on Ryvita winning products on resulted in a 21% increase in sales in just three weeks.

jury pack Product of the Year 2016 logo testing

Institute of Directors

The jury day took place at the Institute of Directors in London again

Coming into its 12th year, The Product of the Year logo is continuing to solidify its already impressive reputation. Being an independent endorsement and ensuring some of the industry’s largest sample sizes, the stamp is recognised and trusted as the ultimate vote of consumer confidence.

In a crowded FMCG marketspace, effective cut through is essential for products to succeed and with the stamp attracting the increasingly time-poor consumer with a shortcut to the marked product on the shelf, it provides a ready-made USP ahead of traditional marketing, highlighted by 86% of consumers more likely to buy a product that has won Product of the Year.


With my friend Monica Costa from London Mums Magazine

The awards provide important insight into the FMCG sector, highlighting key trends to watch for the year. 2015 showed a strong focus on products offering the ultimate convenience factor for consumers. With the rise of trends such as mini, hand-held products, will this be the sub-category to watch for 2016 success?

PoY 2016 CMYK

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  • Honest mum September 28, 2015 1:53 pm

    Wow, what an incredible event/ awards and setting too. They are so lucky to have you on the jury too x

    • Mirka September 28, 2015 2:06 pm

      Thanks Vicki, it was a great day again, and so excited about hearing the winners in January!

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