Partying with Vtech at Rave-A-Roo

Partying with Vtech at Rave-A-Roo

Have you ever been to a Rave-A-Roo party? We have, and I can tell you now that it was the most spectacular kids party I have ever taken my little one to!

We were invited to celebrate Vtech’s new product launch, and can honestly not imagine a better way to introduce their new KidiCom™ MAX not only to bloggers but to the public too in the surroundings of the world famous Ministry of Sound.

Olivia was a bit grumpy at first as we had to leave her bigger sister at home as she wasn’t well, but soon loved playing with neon clay, having glitter tattoos done and joining other children dancing to music!

As Olivia is 5 years old, I thought the new Vtech KidiCom™ MAX would really be up her street as it is aimed for 3-7-year-olds. She loves playing games on my iPhone, and I was very curious to see if she would be happy to swap for her own KidiCom™ MAX.

KidiCom™ MAX uses a secure Wi-Fi connection to allow children to exchange messages with friends and family, safely browse the internet and play a variety of games.

From watching my daughter playing with this device, I could see straight away she absolutely loved the fact she could text, or send voice or picture messages! This is done via Wi-fi to and from parent-approved iOS and Android smartphones!

She has also recently started to be really into recording videos all the time and takes tons of photos so again she was very happy she was able to do so with her KidiCom™ MAX. That’s not all she can do, she can play games, listen to music and watch her favourite shows!

When you purchase this device (RRP £99.99) you will also get an e-book, music, videos, 6 games, plus 2 Vtech games/apps free to download from Learning Lodge!

There are so many fab apps to explore! Handwriting, spelling, reading, Science and Geography as well as Maths (money, addition, patterns). If your little one is creative they will love all the creativity and problem-solving apps too.

KidiCom™ MAX featutres:

Blue or pink version

Super tough with protective anti-shock construction

180 rotating camera

8 GB storage expandable to 40GB

5inches touch screen

built-in rechargeable battery

Parents can manage apps, set limits and add websites to the kid-safe browser.

Connect to VTech’s Learning Lodge to download lots of apps, games and e-books and choose from a library of great videos and music! Includes great built-in games, learning and creative apps with many more to download!

I was very impressed with the new VTech’s device. As a parent, I am especially pleased to see my little one can enjoy browsing the Internet safely, and that I have a control over what she can see/access on her device! I really think this will be one of the top Xmas gifts this year.

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