Our Must Have Car Features to Ease Family Travel

Our Must Have Car Features to Ease Family Travel

Writing about family travel on this blog is my most favourite thing, and love sharing my tips from many years travelling all over the world with my family. It’s only been a few days since we have been back from our long summer holidays out of the UK, and I am already on the lookout for our next destination.

Most of the summer we spent with my family and friends in the Czech Republic, which involved lots of driving on the other side of the road than we are used to here in the UK.

I consider myself an experienced driver and I am happy to say I love driving. My most favourite road trip was driving along the Great Ocean Road in Australia 13 years ago. It was a trip of a lifetime, and cannot wait to do it again with my daughters one day too.

The Twelve Apostles
The Twelve Apostles

After 25 years of driving, I know that one thing I would never drive without is a good car insurance. Did you know that Aviva have recently developed a new dashcam feature on their Aviva Drive App?

It tracks your driving skills, rewards safer drivers with an insurance discount and gives you valuable evidence should you be in an accident. Who wouldn’t like to save money on your car insurance! And have I mentioned the app is FREE?

Tinted Glass or Sunshades

Since becoming a mum, we have had a few different cars. If I compare our first family car and the one we have these days, there is one thing I would not buy a new car without. The tinted glass for the rear seats.

It might sound silly to some, but I have found these much better than sunshades as they cover the whole glass and there are no annoying gaps that the sun could get through. Indeed that might be a more expensive option but so worth it.

Wi-fi Connection

Once you decide to go on a long car journey and have children, you simply need WI-Fi. Both our daughters love spending time on their iPads ( which we restrict at home), and not only to watch movies, but to play games, search online, or watch Youtube videos.

Portable DVD Player + Headphones

Having a portable DVD player was great when they were little. It would not be enough now, as my older one has just started secondary school and the younger one is in year 2, following in her older sister’s footsteps. Also, remember to pack a set of headphones for each child if you don’t want to get crazy listening to all they’ll be watching.

usb connection in car

USB Connection

With all the technology we use these days, not having a USB connection would be a total disaster. Just imagine your little ones’ iPads or phones running out of power and not being able to charge these? That could turn a nice family road trip into a complete nightmare. Make sure you write a list or a reminder on your phone to save yourself some big tears and screaming.

Sat-Nav or Google Maps

Long are the days we used maps and atlases when travelling by car. Life is so much easier when you have a Sat-Nav or use Google Maps. From my experience, unless you regularly update your satellite navigation, the best results with live traffic is provided by Google Maps, and often use these when we are on holiday abroad too.

Hopefully, you’ll find the above car features I consider a must-have to ease family travel useful. Don’t forget to share yours in comments below.

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