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Our Family Best Chocolate Treats for This Xmas

Our Family Best Chocolate Treats for This Xmas

Last week, just before the half-term holiday started, I was driving to pick up my older daughter from school. Something I do every day, but this time it felt somehow different. Then I realised the Xmas lights in the high street were up!

Would you agree that every year all the Xmas preparations start sooner or is it just me? I even spotted Christmas cards in a supermarket at the end of September…

Anyway, since having children I have started enjoying Xmas much more, and cannot wait for our next Xmas holiday.

Xmas is all about giving, receiving and celebrating this magical time with our family. When you mention celebrating, one thing I cannot imagine a good family gathering without is some good quality chocolate treats for everyone to enjoy!


This all goes back to my childhood memories. Every Xmas we used to gather at my dad’s parents’ house to celebrate along with my parents, my brother, all my cousins, uncle and aunt.

My nan always used to be very thrifty, but she always made sure we had the best chocolates on our Xmas table! We used to fight over who would be opening the box first!

Happy memories…


I am a huge chocoholic and love indulging in great chocolate treats and both our girls do too. We were delighted to be sent a few lovely Christmas Gifts to get us in a Xmas spirit early. How could we have ever said “no” to these?

Today I would like to share our family top picks and our chocolate favourites that we cannot imagine the festive season without!

What would Xmas be without a nice chocolate advent calendar? Isabelle and Olivia love Gruffalo, and were pleased to see this Gruffalo Advent Calendar.


They were very tempted to start opening the windows, and disappointed to find out there’s another month or so before they will be allowed to do so, but I have assured them that’ s going to fly by and that they were allowed to tuck into the other chocolate gifts we were gifted!

Olivia has always been a huge white chocolate fan, and went for the White Chocolate Snowman without a blink of an eye. Apparently it was delicious and she did not want to let go…


My old time favourites are definitely the Cherries in Liqueur. I cannot imagine Xmas without these, and have to admit I have to work really hard on sharing.

I remember once I was so greedy I ate too many I felt ill. Well there is always a lesson to learn, even for adults, and don’t forget these contain a bit of liquor so not suitable for kiddies!

When it comes to picking the right chocolate products for your guests, you can never go wrong with the “Christmas in a Box” including Thorntons finest Continentals and Classics, and limited edition Christmas chocolates adding festive flavours.

Just look at my girls’ faces when choosing their first chocolate!


thorntons-chocolates dsc_0772

Which one??? Not an easy task. Luckily there are 3 layers of delicious chocolates so plenty to share and something for everyone to enjoy for sure!

White, milk or dark chocolate?

I personally think that giving and receiving chocolates or chocolate gifts is a wonderful idea, and love holding this traditions in our family.

Just imagine… it’s dark outside, the snow is falling and it’s very cold. Your family is relaxing by the fire place, sharing a box of wonderful Xmas chocolates and listening to Xmas carols.

That’s Xmas for me! How about you? What’s your favourite Xmas memory or tradition?

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