My Favourite Beach Essentials

My Favourite Beach Essentials

The other day I was browsing some old photos I took in Sydney. Some of them were taken in September 2000, soon after my arrival in Down Under. I miss the amount of sunshine I used to get and am super grateful for all the beach holiday we still go to as a family.

After all these years of suntanning and being exposed to sunshine, I have also learnt that staying healthy and looking after my skin is essential. I feel almost ill when I look back at the times I was spreading some lovely-smelling coconut oil sunscreen with UV factor 6 all over my body…

Anyway, today I would like to share a few of my favourite products you could see in my beach bag or on me while spending time on the beach. Would love to hear about your favourite beach essentials too.

My Favourite “S” Beach Essentials



Where are the days I used to have “wearing a sunhat” associated only with children. It is a great accessory and most importantly keeps the dangerous sunrays away from my face, which unfortunately cannot take that much sun anymore. Also great when reading and keeping your head cool.

Aways behind the camera!


After 5 years living in Sydney, I learnt that using the highest sunscreen factor is not only for babies and children, but should be the same for adults. I am quite lucky and still manage to get the golden look as I have olive skin, and feel not guilty about damaging my skin. Not long ago I have come across Heliocare products, which are fabulous to protect your skin.


Fendi sunglasses
Fendi Sunglasses & Handbag

This is the obvious one, and I have many pairs. I always remember to carry a case as hate getting my expensive sunglasses scratched. You can get some great bargains from TKMaxx. My latest two favourite pairs are my Ray-Ban aviators and these Fendi beauties!



Last week I was having fun shooting some stunning and very sexy VACANZE ITALIANE GOLD LABEL NET BIKINI I was gifted for a review. Despite being a mum for nearly 11 years, I have never stopped wearing bikinis, and why should I?

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I know my body has changed, but I am proud to show the marks of motherhood and think mums should not be scared to do so or judged for wearing sexy swimwear. What do you reckon?

Love the fit, the quality, and the unique design. If you are escaping for a sunny break this winter or planning your next beach holiday, you know where to get some more inspiration from. Some seriously stunning swimwear. Cannot wait for our next holiday in May to wear these beauties!


Reading on the beach, listening to the sea, feeling the heat of sunrays on my skin that’s my kind of paradise. I love escaping to another world and always download a few romantic or thrillers on my Kindle to read on the plane and on the beach. Any recommendations?

Stay Hydrated

Drinking lots of water is so important. Last summer we learnt the hard way when my 10-year-old daughter collapsed on the beach in Turkey as she was dehydrated.

It was so hot that temperatures that day reached C49. I felt like an annoying mum running around with water bottles and trying to make sure both my girls drank plenty of water, but obviously not.

Since then both my girls have started drinking more water even when not on holiday as I always remind them what could happen.

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  • UK Swimwear December 15, 2017 5:06 pm

    You look so beautiful! Your body has evolved with you, but something to celebrate. It’s given you lovely girls and still, look how wonderful you look in the bikini! Thanks for sharing your positive vibes with us, as well as these great tips, and featuring our bikini! xx
    UK Swimwear team

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