Make Your Own Distressed Denim

Make Your Own Distressed Denim

Denim offers you a world of opportunity when it comes to revamping your style and transforming your look. So how about checking out the latest denim trend to take over the world of fashion and celebrity?

Distressed denim is huge right now — and the best part is, you can make it yourself in no time! Were you going to have a wardrobe clear-out? Don’t. Instead, dig out those old jeans you used to love and follow these four simple steps to creating knock-out distressed denim from sequin dresses retailer, QUIZ.

Get your jeans ready

So, what is distressed denim? Distressed denim is a fabric style used on jeans or jackets to give them that worn, torn, frayed, vintage look. As mentioned, it’s a big trend right now, but don’t go hacking away at your jeans without planning your distressing method — you’ll ruin them.

Firstly, you need to check that your jeans-of-choice are dry and clean. Pull them on and check yourself out in the mirror — take some time to decide where exactly you want to tear and rip. Pockets, knees and the bum are popular parts to modify, as they are the areas of the jeans that naturally wear and tear, although, you can choose wherever you like. Just make sure to use chalk to mark out where you want to distress.

Tearing your jeans

Decided where you want to distress? Great. Now, it’s time to make your cuts — but this can be tricky. To start, stuff a magazine or thick cardboard inside the jeans, positioning it under the area. This way, you only cut one side of the jeans and not both. Now, carefully use a safety knife to make your rips. Although this part is up to you, it’s often best if you use varying lengths to create a natural-looking tear. Loosely aim to create a diamond shape using varying sized cuts.

After taking your time and making sure you have the right amount of cuts at the perfect length, it’s time to start fraying your denim. At the edge of each cut, gently tease the horizontal white threads using a safety pin, being careful not to break them. Then, using tweezers, pluck out the vertical threads to leave just the white horizontal threads. Repeat this for each cut.

ripped jeans

Distressing your denim

Remember using sandpaper at school during woodwork classes? Well, if you were any good at it, it’s time to bring your buffering skills back to life. Take a piece of sandpaper and rub it across sections of your jeans. This will create a natural-looking colour fade, perfect for adding the fishing touches to your distressed denim creation.

Patching your new jeans

Now, you can either stop here and start rocking the rips and frays of your distressed denims. Or, you can take it one step further and customise your jeans with a few cool patches.

Wondering what type of patches to opt for? Bright flower motifs are on trend and practically leap off distressed denim to give you an eye-catching contrast of grunge and chic. But, if you want a subtle embellishment, why not go with lace?

ripped jeans

This is a classic feminine fabric that will dress up your modern distressed denim with retro charm for the ideal smart-casual look.

Distressing denim is one of the most stylish and easy customising tricks to try out, so grab an old pair of jeans and transform them by following these tips.

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