Make Getting Ready for School a Breeze

Make Getting Ready for School a Breeze

As I was born and spent most of my life in the Czech republic, I could never understand why are school uniforms so important in the UK and many other countries until I had my own children. I remember as a kid I used to love wearing my every day clothes, and every evening I made sure I had prepared my outfit for the next day. Of course this is what I remember from my teenage days, but I had no idea how hard it would be getting little ones ready until I had two little girls.

This will be the first year I will be getting both of them ready in their school uniforms as Olivia is starting her preschool this September. As most children in her new class will be wearing a uniform (which for pre-school is not compulsory) we also decided we would go for the uniform as it’s much easier for me and Olivia is so excited about wearing it already!

Chinos, blazers, oxfords and pleated skirts make getting ready for school a breeze. Slip kids into coordinated styles for fuss-free mornings that are dress code friendly and mum approved.

As every month I have come up with my top picks from Melijoe, this tie it’s all about back-to-school!

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.20.40
IL GUFO Milano jersey dress £ 78
Stretch milano jersey, Crew neck, Sleeveless, Box pleats on the front and in the back, Close fitting waist, Flared shape, Invisible zipper at the back, Fancy flower
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.23.04
ARMANI JUNIOR Poplin jacket £ 135
Viscose and polyester poplin, Satin lining, Fitted cut, Rounded hem, Jacket collar,Long sleeves, Patch pockets, Back patch, Back pleats, Buttons on the front, Buttons on the cuffs, Logo buttons, Fancy pin brooch

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.40.11CHIPIE Fleece skirt £ 32
Heavy cotton fleece, Micro fleece lining, Flat pleats on the front and in the back, Logo buttons

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.42.26PETIT BATEAU Iconic oilskin £ 54
Waxed synthetic fabric, Striped jersey lining, Waterproof waxed right side, Patch pockets, Stretch ribbed knit trims, Hood, Zipper under a velcro strap
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.29.28 ARMANI JUNIOR Fancy wool blend sweater £ 110
Wool and cotton knit, Shirt patch, Shirt collar, V neckline, Long sleeves, Tightened cuffs and waistband, Buttons on the collar, Button strap on the chest, Logo buttons, Logo on the chest, Logo patch at the back
Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.31.34MARÈSE Pentagon boy slim fit en gabardine £ 53
Cotton gabardine, Pleasant to the touch, Boy slim fit, Fitted cut, Slim fit legs, Darts in the back, Slant pockets, Piped back pockets, Adjustable waistband with an elastic strap, Button on, the waist, Zip fly, Logo patch at the back

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.37.41LACOSTE Polo en piqué de lyocell £ 32
Piqué en lyocell et coton, Pleasant to the touch, Rounded hem, Peter Pan collar, Short sleeves, Button strap on the chest, Embroidered logo

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 19.44.01PAUL SMITH JUNIOR Oxford shirt £ 61
Oxford cotton, Long sleeves, Logo buttons, Embroidered monogram

Start Rite shoesSTART RITE Leather babies £ 60

Leather upper, Clare range, Strengthening patches on the heels, Leather insoles and lining, Elastomere soles, Straps with buckles, Micro-perforated patterns, Comes in several colours

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  • Sabina Green August 21, 2015 10:07 am

    Oh I would be lost without school uniform, especially since my lot all seem to want a say in what they are wearing out of school!

    I love the Armani blazer and the Leather babies shoes!!

    • Mirka August 31, 2015 9:50 pm

      I get you! Yes, love the blazer too!

  • Ebabee August 26, 2015 8:26 am

    Thank god for school uniforms! I can imagine without it there would be daily arguments about what to wear! Love your picks especially those gorgeous start-rite shoes – what a stunning colour.

    • Mirka August 31, 2015 9:51 pm

      So pleased you like my pick Nomita. I agree, a stunning colour of the shoes.

  • Honest mum August 31, 2015 11:46 am

    Fab post hun, how is it nearly back to school time! Cannot wait to see you all soon for Leeds fun first x

    • Mirka August 31, 2015 9:51 pm

      Thanks lovely. Yes this summer has gone even faster than last year. Cannot wait to see you tomorrow!

  • Emma Collins August 31, 2015 9:24 pm

    Thank goodness for school uniform!! I would very much like a smart uniform for work myself because choosing an outfit daily drives me mad! I read an article not so long ago about an Editor who did this, and although bored after a month, it actually helped her on a morning. Planning made easier.

    This year I went back to Sainsburys for the girls school uniform because the quality has been super amazing!

    • Mirka August 31, 2015 9:52 pm

      That sounds like a great tip! I agree, so much easier than messing about and arguing what to wear! Thanks for the tip.

  • Nicky Allen February 27, 2017 5:54 pm

    School uniform is such a godsend, no competing in the school playground about who has the right brand etc we all know how cruel kids can be. Plus it saves all their good clothes from the dreaded washable (not) felt tips and the bitty Playford that sticks to everything.

  • Fiona jk42 March 29, 2017 9:13 pm

    when my kids were 11 and 13, we moved from the UK (where they wore a uniform) to Switzerland (where they wore their own clothes to school). My daughter hated it. She said that other girls would make fun of certain girls whose clothes were not as fashionable or expensive. One year I bought her several new sweaters, and after a few weeks noticed she had never worn one of them. She explained that another girl had worn the same sweater to school, so she could not now wear that sweater as she would be accused of copying! It was nuts, even my son was not immune as the boys all competed with having the fanciest trainers. when we moved back to England we were all relieved not to have to deal with this idiotic behaviour.

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