Isabelle’s birthday party at Willows Farm!

When it comes to children’s birthday parties, I get a bit scared. I have to say I don’t like big parties, and to be honest, to organise a birthday party for a whole class is something we will not be doing for Isabelle. I think the most important is to have her close friends invited, and would rather spend more money on less children, than have a massive party where my darling would be lost. I think she doesn’t want anything like that, as we spoke about what kind of party she would like.

Last year, Olivia was just over 3 weeks old, and we decided to have a very small party at our house. She had her 6 girl friends invited, and daddy was entertaining them. I was amazed at how good he was with the girls, and really think it was a nice party and they all had a very nice time. This year I wanted to organise a party for Isabelle that would be something a bit different. She has been to a few parties with some entertainers, and loved it, but everybody seems to have these. Then I remembered the last time we went to our favourite Willows farm, I spotted children running around in bright vests, and then I realised there were there for a birthday party.

When I asked Isabelle if she would like her party at Willows, she said she would love to. First I had to check with all the parents of her friends we invited if they were willing to drive for half an hour to get there and stay with their children. Luckily all her friends were able to come.

I didn’t have to take care of anything, except the cake…and can you imagine I forgot the candle at home, but luckily they had some over there!

From the moment we were greeted by our party host, to the very ending, everything ran smoothly and was just perfect. Isabelle was so excited, and absolutely loved her party. I am also sure all her friends did, you could just see it on their faces while we were walking around the farm, checking out some animals. I think many of the children loved the bouncy castle, and the tractor ride as well as spending some time in the indoor soft play area.

We were very lucky, as the weather was just gorgeous, very sunny, and it was an amazing day!

I can highly recommend Willows Farm for children’s parties. We loved it, and am sure that all Isabelle’s friends will be remembering this day as a day full of fun. We were kindly offered a discount on the party for 10 children. To find out more about how to book, please check the website.

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  • HonestMum April 30, 2013 8:08 am

    Looks fab and what a cake! You look gorgeous too! Look at your glowing skin! We love a party here too x

  • Mirka April 30, 2013 11:42 am

    Thanks Vicki 😉 The cake was yummy, but I didn’t make it… will get back to proper baking once Olivia a bit older 😉

  • Tracy Nixon May 1, 2013 9:13 am

    A great venue and great idea! I would never have thought of having a pary at a farm but will defo consider it for my youngest daughter’s party in July! We have a lovely farm close by so I might make some enquiries!

  • Sandy Calico May 1, 2013 5:43 pm

    My boys had their birthday party at a farm last year and it was fab too.

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