Help Your Big Dreams Come True

Help Your Big Dreams Come True

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Last week we celebrated a very important day, my and my husband’s 10 year wedding anniversary. As you might know from my accounts on Twitter and Instagram, me and our two daughters have been spending the school summer holiday with my family and friends in the Czech Republic. This meant that on that very special day I did not see my husband, but I did see him just one day after our anniversary as he had to fly to Prague for one day.

I love surprises and I do not think I have to describe the screaming, jumping and cuddling once both girls woke up in the morning and saw daddy in our hotel room.

Sometimes you dream and your dreams come true, sometimes you need lots of good luck for them to come true, but what I truly believe in is that you always need to help or get somehow involved to make your big dreams come true. believing and positive thinking is also very important as if you do not believe, it will not happen.

I am a clear example of this. When I was 25, finally free after a 5 year relationship, I made one of my big dreams come true. I bought a ticket to Sydney, paid to study some Business course for 6 months and got visa to study and live there. I left my old life, and was ready to start again, live and hopefully fall in love again. And I did, one year later I fell head over heels for my future husband. If I did not leave my home town, who knows what my life would have been like…

Living in Sydney was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. We loved the lifestyle, people were always happy and smiling, and the weather was lovely all year round.

We used to live just round the corner from the famous Casino. Before then I never stepped inside a Casino and to be honest I was a bit scared of being lost among all the glamorous people that I have seen so many times in movies.

To my huge disappointment the reality was very different. I think I have seen too many movies that gave the impression The reality was that people were dressed in their everyday outfits, also many tourists in their shorts.

I was wearing an evening dress walking next to my future husband who was wearing one of his expensive suits. At first I was thinking of running away as many people were looking at us, but then we laughed and stayed and started enjoying the atmosphere. As I had never took part in any of the games, I was mostly watching daddy taking part in Roulette, Poker and BlackJack. It started feeling like in the movies. Daddy was lucky and started winning. We spent a few hours there and it was a great feeling.

Our situation these days is very different. We just do not have the time and also have to look after our two daughters, so we have not been to any Casino since then. These days everything is done online, and you can play casino online at Netbet from the comfort of your sofa. I think it’s great as you do not have to leave the house and can play anytime you want. On the other hand, I am not suggesting you should be spending every free minute playing. As I say “everything in moderation”!

I would love to go to Las Vegas one day, maybe to celebrate daddy’s 45 birthday as he loves gaming. Did you know it was established back in 1905? I think the atmosphere there would be magical and hopefully very different to my experience from the one-off visit to the Casino in Sydney. Have you ever been? Would you go?

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  • Susan Mann August 21, 2015 12:51 pm

    I’d love to go to Las Vegas one day too x

    • Mirka August 31, 2015 9:54 pm

      Wouldn’t it be fun to go together?

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