Busaba Eathai Launching in St Albans

Busaba Eathai Launching in St Albans

When I was invited to review the newly opened Busaba Eathai restaurant in St Albans, I was only hoping it would be as good as we have heard. As daddy works not far from one of their restaurants in London, he was telling me that often he passes by and there is a huge queue! Surely that is a good sign that people love this Thai place.

Living not far from St Albans means we often visit and love that little town and also know a few bloggers from there. Their Xmas markets are wonderful and in summer we love visiting the park and joining loads of people relaxing on the grass.

Back in the days when we used to live in Sydney, I was used to some pretty good Thai food and then I spent wonderful 3 weeks backpacking (yes you have heard me correctly) around this magical country. I will never forget and I am desperate to go back with daddy and the girls. It really is a paradise on Earth.

Eating Thai food in Thailand cannot be beaten, but Busaba have done an amazing job! As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are somehow taken to the far away land, and feel like you are in Thailand.

From the very first moment, I felt like on a magical journey of wonderful smells and scents. Loved the interior which undoubtedly helped to transfer your mind into the paradise.

Before I let you know what I thought about the food we ate, I would like to mention some info about Busaba’s philosophy and origin.

Conceived by Alan Yau with the first branch opening on Soho’s Wardour Street in 1999, Busaba Eathai is a modern Thai eatery. Eathai represents a Thai casual dining venue, offering a one-course dining experience devised to feed you with minimal fuss.


Sookjai is Busaba Eathai’s living ethos. Based on traditional Buddhist values, sookjai is about avoiding the everyday chaos that distracts you. Instead, focus on taking life as it comes and creating your own reality. Literally, its meaning is ‘to enjoy’ and ‘happy heart’.

Gan Gin Gan Yuu means ‘as you eat, so you are’. It is an axiom which parallels Brillat-Savarin’s ‘you are what you eat’ but goes further to suggest you also define yourself by your approach to food. The choice of ingredients, preparation and presentation are all indicative of who you are.

Busaba is a Thai flower.

Both girls had a lovely time exploring Busaba’s new kids menu and loved their activity packs! Olivia took her special bib home!

As Isabelle was not sure if the kids portion would be big enough she went for the prawn Pad Thai and really enjoyed it. Olivia had some stir fried chicken, broccoli and steamed rice, and also liked it.

Our starters arrived soon and it did not take long before the prawn crackers all disappeared! Olivia was not very keen on them, but enjoyed the selection of roasted nuts instead.

My most favourite must have been the fish cakes and the breaded king prawns Isabelle went for.

Soon after we were done with our starters, our mains arrived and there was loads of food to eat! We love sharing food, and this was all about sharing!

Daddy went for some yummy beef stir fry and I took the longest to choose, but the result was so worth it.

I rarely have desserts, and was so full, but the mango sorbet sounded exactly just like what I needed, and I loved it!

All in all, we had an amazing lunch in a modern Thai restaurant, and can easily imagine I will be back soon as I have not managed to taste their cocktails yet. Next time it’s going to be a date night for me and daddy, I have already decided!

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  • Neha Chauhan March 8, 2017 3:58 pm

    My hubby and I had a meal at this restuarant on our 2nd wedding anniversary and we both loved the food,limited Vegetarian option but the food was amazing

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