5 Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas

5 Creative Shared Bedroom Ideas

Some children hate the idea of having to share a bedroom with their brother or sister, but for some children, it will be the idea of a permanent sleepover with one of their best friends. Whichever applies to your family, it is important to ensure that each child loves their bedroom.

Here are 5 creative tips on how you can make a shared bedroom personal and fun:

Give Each Child Space

It is important that each child gets given their own space within the shared bedroom, although they may love spending time with their sibling, every child needs their own space every now and then. If there is enough floor space in the room, you could purchase each child their own desk, but if not, then you could just purchase one and make it very clear which half of the desk belongs to who.

If you need some ideas on how to make some space in a smaller bedroom, check out this Happy Beds blog.

kids storage

Own Storage

Every child should have their own storage, just to save their toys and clothes from getting muddled up. Again, this is a good way to teach children responsibility and also encourage them to get rid of things that they no longer use.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a great space saving idea so that the children can have more playing space on the floor. If your children are different ages, then you might find triple bunk beds a better option so that the oldest child can get a double bed with more space to stretch out.

bunk bed

Happy Beds sell some great triple bunk beds, with my personal favourite being their Vancouver Wooden Triple Sleeper.


It is important that each child has an equal amount of light so that one side of the room isn’t darker than the other. If you do end up using a room divider to separate the room into two, then place it directly under the light so that the light shade isn’t on just the one side of the room.

Allow each child to have a night light on their bedside table so that if one child wants to stay up a little later to read a book, they are able to use their own light to do this without keeping their sibling awake.


Allow each child to have some space to decorate. Whether this is by putting their own pictures up on an assigned wall or having photo frames and paintings on their bedside table.

Perhaps let one child choose the rug, and let the other child choose the cupboard so that they both get an equal say in how the room is decorated.

Letting each child have a say in the bedroom will ensure that they love hanging out in it as it represents their personality and everything that they love.

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