What Disney Character Are You?

What Disney Character Are You?

We adore Disney princesses and were so keen on reviewing House of Fraser’s new collection of their Disney dresses. I wanted the girls to have a surprise so after browsing for a bit I decided for the Red Snow White Satin Dress (£40) for Olivia and the Navy Cinderella Sequin Dress (£35) for Isabelle, and really think I did a good job!

As both girls are getting older I have to admit that modelling clothes is becoming so much easier and actually much more fun. Especially Isabelle comes up with poses I would not think of and love how naturally she looks on camera.

Olivia is still more of a “follow the instructions” model, but the last pose sleeping on the sofa as “the Snow White after biting into the poisoned apple” was her idea!

House of Fraser and Disney have created a brand new quiz to find out which Disney heroine you are. They’ve worked with the official Disney team, and the character’s official profiles to develop the questions and results.

This is in aid of the new collection of dresses that are based on the world’s favourite princesses. The designs follow the colours and some detailing of the dresses we know and love, but can be worn for more occasions and wouldn’t be classed as ‘fancy dress’.

If you would like to know what Disney character are you, take this short quiz and do not forget to treat your little princess to one their stunning new Disney princess dresses this Xmas!

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