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Inner Beauty: The Hidden Power of Flowers

featured post Style July 14, 2017 0 Comments

The 1960s non-violence activists who shouted a rallying call of “Flower Power” might not realize that they were onto something beyond their pacifist purposes at that time. Allen Ginsberg may intend the slogan to transform war protests into a more positive, peaceful endorsement but as it turns out, flowers really do bring positivity to our lives. Or more specifically, to…

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The Power of Flowers

featured video December 18, 2014 2 Comments

Do you like getting flowers? I honestly think that any woman in the world loves receiving flowers, don’t you think? I have to admit that I used to get many more before I got married, and had children, but maybe that’s why I find it even more special when a bouquet from daddy arrives by a special delivery. I love…

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My Top Tips: Caring for Cut Flowers

featured post March 26, 2014 3 Comments

Just in time for Mother’s day I am bringing you my top tips to care for your lovely cut fresh flowers and help them last longer. Before revealing them I would like to share a few pictures of some gorgeous flowers I love, orchids. I love and adore these flowers, and am always happy to receive some. Aren’t they stunning?…

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