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Protein – the Building Blocks for Your Child’s Development & Growth

Protein – the Building Blocks for Your Child’s Development & Growth

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Remember the moment when you were nervously sitting in the bathroom waiting for the blue line to appear on your pregnancy test? That’s something no-one can forget.

At first you cannot believe it’s really happening, but then you realise that the moment is here and you cannot wait to share it with your partner.

After all the original excitement you start thinking about the changes in your life you will need to make. At least that was what I was thinking.

Now you are not only looking after yourself, but also after a tiny weeny baby growing inside you.

pregnant again

Both times when I was pregnant I was making sure I was eating a variety of different foods every day, including plenty of protein, dairy products, oily fish, fruit and vegetables.

I was very ill for the first 3 months with both my girls, and often had sugar cravings, but I was trying hard to avoid these and luckily most of the time went for the fruit or vegetables instead.

Sticking to my exercise routines also helped me not to put on too much weight, but make sure you consult your GP about what exercises are safe for you and your baby when pregnant.

Breast is Best

breast is best

During my first pregnancy I attended a few ante-natal classes and thanks to that I was much more aware of how important breastfeeding really is for my baby.

Latest research shows that we should not underestimate the importance of protein for babies during the first 1000 days (from pregnancy to newborn right through to toddler stage), as that’s the crucial time for their development and growth.

Giving your baby good nutrition during these 1000 days can positively affect not only their growth and brain development, but can also help with the development of their immune system and prevent from developing allergies and other health issues like overweight.

Better nutrition in the first 1,000 days means better health for life, and we all want the best for our babies, don’t we?

Protein is vital for your baby’s growth and development and is the foundation for their cells, muscles, brain and other tissues. Protein is a key component in breast milk and for baby’s first six months, breast milk gives them all the protein they need. That’s why breastfeeding really is the best option for babies.

Did you know, that the protein level in breast milk changes as your baby grows? This means it contains the right quality and quantity of protein to help them grow at a steady rate.

The quality of breast milk protein is so high, its quantity perfectly adjusts to your baby’s requirements at each stage of development. This is very important as this supports your baby’s healthy weight gain and can potentially reduce the chance of becoming overweight later on.

To sum up, these are the main reasons why the protein in breast milk is so good:

– baby’s growth and development
– brain development
– immune system development
– healthy digestive system development
– allergy prevention
– overweight prevention

Olivia toddler

I am a huge supporter and I breastfed both my girls for 12 months as I thought that was the best I could give them for their future health development.

Not only they were getting the best, I will never forget the very special moments of bonding when my babies were latched on. It was all about me and them only.

I am happy to say that both my girls have not developed any allergies, and are both very happy and healthy little girls. I am very pleased I breastfed them both and would recommend to everyone, as “breast really is the best“!

Check out the video below for the benefits of breastfeeding and importance of protein in breast milk.

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