Me, Tulipop & the Icelandic Embassy!


DSC_2377Signy and Helga

Being a blogger means that from time to time I get to visit places I would otherwise probably never come across. Just before our ski holidays, I was invited to the launch of Tulipop brand, which is an Icelandic brand currently launching in the UK. I have never been to Iceland, but would love to go, and talking to the founders of Tulipop has made me wanting to go even more. I also really like that the Icelandic embassy is behind this brand and supports them.

So what did I think about the products, and are they any different to what is available? The first thing that I realised was the colours. I am not a huge fan of pink, and both my girls have been wearing many different colours, and very rarely pink. I think that once Tulipop products are available to buy here in the UK, they will be very popular. Why? They are definitely very different.

DSC_2360 DSC_2361 DSC_2362 DSC_2368 DSC_2370 DSC_2371DSC_2374The founders, Signy and Helga, have created something that I would buy for my children without hesitation. They have created the enchanting world of Tulipop, featuring characters such as Bubble, a shy and dreamy mushroom boy, Gloomy, an adventurous mushroom girl, who loves surprises and cheeky little pranks. My favourite is definitely Fred, the strong, silent type who longs to intimidate but is too adorable to succeed, and also Mr. Tree, an old wise and good hearted gemstone collector.

Tulipop is a beautiful little island surrounded by a mysterious ocean. It is much like other islands, with volcanoes that sleep under dancing northern lights, shimmering hot springs, glaciers, forests and meadows. Nobody knows exactly where it is, which is just as well, because otherwise everyone would want to go there….

The Tulipop range boasts several awards and has grown to include tableware, homeware, accessories and stationary and is available online at and children’s emporium Igloo (Islington and St John’s Wood stores) and is also on into way to many more beautiful shops in the UK, so look out for it!

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  1. Quirky designs but really like them especially the horned lamp thingys I’m sure they’ll do well. :)

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