#GuessThePrize: the World’s First Game Show Live on Twitter #sp


BT infinityTo celebrate the BT Big Broadband Sale offering BT Infinity for only £7.50, BT will create the world’s first game show live on Twitter! They’ll be giving away amazing prizes every hour, starting at 12pm on January 10th with a live round lasting each time 7 minutes and 50 seconds!

How it works?
You will have the chance to win a bundle of themed prizes by interacting with a live game show during 5 hourly slots (12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm). Within this time you will have a 7 minutes and 50 seconds period to answer correctly. This will happen 5 times in total, once every hour, on the hour. Within the 7 minutes 50 seconds live stream BT presenter will call on Twitter users to spot the £7.50 bargain amongst a range of different priced prizes that run past on a ‘game show’ conveyor belt to win all the prizes on show. Prizes include Xbox 1, Home Entertainment system, Barclays Premier League tickets and many more which will be unveiled on the day.

Each successful answer will go into a prize draw made up from correct guesses tweeted in during the stream. BT will select a winner for each game once the time is up so the presenter can announce them live. Once the stream is complete the screen reverts back to a countdown until the next one.

To enter successfully, users will need to feature 3 key bits of information:
1. hashtag #GuessThePrize
2. The item valued at £7.50
3. @ mentioning the @BT_UK profile

Following the final stream just after 4.08pm an extended prize draw will be open for those who missed out during the day, featuring an image showcasing a bundle of prizes that can be won. This will run for the next 5 hours taking us up to 9pm when the competition for the day will close. At the end of the 5 hours  BT will select a winner from the correct guesses within that time period.

 Get tweeting and good luck!

“I was offered £100 Amazon vouchers in return for featuring this post.”


  1. Sounds interesting, thank you!

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