Writing the Perfect Letter to Santa


letter to SantaIt’s that time of year again, when those of us who are organised will be looking towards Christmas and crossing things off the to-do list every week. Rather than leaving everything until the last minute, make sure that things are done in advance, meaning less stress and more fun in the run up to the day.

One thing that would include spending some quality time with your children would be to write their letters to Santa; here are some great tips that will ensure their letter is perfect and a sure-fire way of getting everything that they’ve wished for this year.

  • Choose some nice paper – patterned writing paper or coloured paper would be ideal. Pick a pen colour that Santa will be able to read easily!
  • Ask them to write their address in the top corner of the letter, much like you would with your own correspondence.
  • Start writing the letter with “Dear Santa Claus”, or “Dear Father Christmas”. Rather than jumping straight into their gift wish list, ask them to start by writing a little about themselves and their family, before telling Santa about how good they’ve been. Give an example of how, such as tidying their room, doing their homework, or being kind.
  • Ask your child to thank the big man for the gifts they had last year!
  • Tell them to think about what they would really like, rather than writing down everything that springs to mind. It’s better to write a couple of must-have gifts instead of putting down every thought that comes to them.
  • Finish the letter by sending their love to Santa and the reindeers. After all, they will be the ones bringing him to visit your house on Christmas Eve with everyone’s goodies!
  • Decorate it however they like. Get a little crafty and add embellishments or draw pictures with coloured pens and pencils. The more imaginative, the better!

Whether you choose to handwrite a reply or organise for Santa to send one for you, your child will love to find a response fall onto the doormat. We all know that, eventually, kids will stop believing in all of the magic that surrounds Christmas; prolong the fairy-tale for as long as possible with traditions that your children can pass down to theirs in the future.

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