Top Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls


photo(15)You might think I have no idea what teenager girls like as both my girls are quite young, one being 17 months and the older one 6 years. lately We have had our older one mentioning teenagers all the time, and I am dreading the next few years before she will be one will fly by too quickly. I am dreading the teenage years, and think many parents do too. On the other hand, my niece is such a great example that not all children have to go through a very difficult puberty.


I love shopping for her, and know that the following will always make her happy. If you have a teenage girl, then you probably know what she likes, but if you don’t and need some tips, feel free to check below:

Make-up This is something that makes every woman happy, at least I think so. As teenagers don’t have that much money, I usually invest in something more expensive and of higher quality. I was nicely surprised to find out my niece uses all products I have previously given her, and some of them she likes so much and uses only tiny amount, so that they would last longer.

Clothes This might be a bit tricky, and one of the most important things is to get the size right. I don’t think there is anything wrong with asking for their size a few months before Christmas? This is exactly what I did, and I don’t think it spoiled any surprise at all, as they will still have no idea what you would be getting them. Better ask than to be sorry that the clothes are too large or too small.

ice watch

Jewellery I don’t think there would be anyone unhappy receiving a very cool watch? Girls like colours, so why don’t you find out if they like more girly colours like pink or purple, or if they would be up for bright green, yellow or blue? If you are not sure, go for a white, black or silver, these are very safe, and I don’t know many people who wouldn’t like these colours, do you?

Gift Vouchers If you are lost in the world of fashion, and have no idea what your teenage girl would like, a gift voucher could be a fabulous idea. More and more people go for this safe option, as that way your loved one can buy exactly what they want. The only problem is they will know how much money you are willing to spend on them.

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  1. Hmm, well I don’t have a teenage girl to buy for (just a teenage boy and two nieces under 4) but I do agree with the possible choices you have mentioned especially the jewelery.

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