Dealing With Holiday Blues


I love holidays as everybody I suppose, and am very lucky as being at home and looking after our two daughters always means that every summer we leave London for the whole of school holidays. This also is a reason why I cannot really say what a typical British summer is, as me and the girls spend 6 weeks with my family in the Czech Republic, and also 10 days in Menorca this year.

I never used to get holiday blues, at least I don’t recall being so depressed like this year. As you might know my dad is slowly dying, and being there for a longer period of time was so great for all of us. Not that I would take Isabelle along to see him, as I really do not want her to se her darling grandfather at such a stage, but I managed to take Olivia along, and will always treasure the moments when he was looking at her, trying to touch her while she was ready to jump all over his bed. She has no idea she will never have a grandfather to play with her…

When we were leaving the Czech Republic, I was sad, but also excited at the same time as after not seeing daddy for almost 4 weeks we all missed him so much. And of course there was our beach holiday in Menorca waiting for us. I know that not all people are after beaches, seaside, heat, but I am. I need it all in my life, and always get my energy back from relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea, and getting tanned. I had it all. Then as it usually happens it is suddenly the last day of holidays, and I start getting stressed about getting back home, and getting everything ready for Isabelle first day at school. As we flew from Gatwick, we expected it would probably take us the same amount of time getting home to Northwood as it takes to fly to Menorca, isn’t this ridiculous? I hate flying from Gatwick, but unfortunately to some holiday destinations you can only get to from this airport. Being stuck on the motorway got my head thinking and I slowly started being depressed about how I will cope with it all.

The first day I spent washing, tidying up, and drying all our clothes, and then ironing daddy’s work shirts in the evening. I couldn’t get myself to be on my favourite twitter. Suddenly I didn’t want to be in the middle of it all again. I just felt like watching TV, sitting on our sofa, and felt tired all the time. Every day since we got back from our long holidays, I needed a nap after lunch when Olivia was asleep. This isn’t like me, you can ask daddy. I had no energy, was very sad, and didn’t feel like moving.

I also think that having a few glasses of wine every night doesn’t really help, as then I didn’t feel like getting up early in the morning.

One thing I didn’t struggle with this year were hundreds of e-mails waiting for me in my inbox. As I remember very well how long it took me last year to get through these, this time I kept on checking my mail regularly. At first I thought I would slip back into “working” on holidays, but I didn’t and this has helped a lot, as I don’t know how I would cope with all the e-mails this year.

I know that for me to be happy means to make sure my body keeps on moving, and despite doing some swimming in the gorgeous sea, I didn’t do any running as planned. This has to change, and guess what, today we took Isabelle to school, and once we got back home, I put my running trainers on, Olivia climbed in our running buggy, and off we went. Suddenly I felt all the energy I had, and managed to run my usual route of 5km. Towards the end I was pretty tired, but I cannot tell you how much happier I felt.

How do you get over holidays blues? Is there a way to avoid them?


  1. This years holidays have been tough for me – I know I shouldn’t complain as it’s a great opportunity to be opening the Salon and Spa, but I’ve felt really torn. We didn’t have the money to send the kids to fun camps and willow is too young anyway, so it was never clear when we were or were not working and often the boundaries were wobbly and things got stressed.

    However the kids loved the visits from grandparents and cousins and we did have a lovely week in Devon with my brother. Plus the gorgeous ‘nanny bets’ has been helping out – so I’m lucky really.

    I’m SO looking forward to next year when I’m not trying to work 12-18hr days and play with the kids!

    Sending you big hugs honey, must have been tough leaving Czech, so glad you had a lovely trip to Menorca afterwards.

  2. I have major post-holiday blues this year, and I remember when we were children, my brother used to suffer horribly.

    For me, I think it’s dropping back into the routine with all its good and bad points, that can seem like a drag after the fun and freedom of summer vacations – this week we were away for 6 weeks out of 8, so it’s been a bit of a shock coming home.

    What helps?

    I think back to the big ideas and dreams I have over the summer and choose one new plan to implement each September – it might be something with the house, or the business, or myself – but having something new to work on makes the routine feel a bit less routine, I guess.

    That, and being kind to myself and giving myself the opportunity to still go for a swim or a walk, or see a movie at lunchtime – it all helps.

    You’ve had a tough year though, I think it’s natural to find it tricky.

    • I think this is a great idea, Sally, and thanks for commenting here. As I have said, I have never had to deal with it, but being prepared is my plan for the next summer holidays.

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