Win The Pabobo Super Nomade Night Light!


Both my girls have been lucky as they have been sent some night lights from Pabobo before. This time we have been sent their latest product, the Pabobo Super Nomade night light (RRP £35) which was launched this year, and lasts for a whole month from a single charge. It also turns on and off by itself according to light conditions. It is small enough to be held by tiny hands – so particularly suitable as a portable light for Olivia, but I think Isabelle will be the one using it most of the time as Olivia is still in her cot, and Isabelle is the one who has recently been waking up at night crying. I hope this little buddy will be helping her get back to sleep without waking mummy and daddy up! Like all Pabobo products it will not heat-up, even under the covers, and is particularly good for helping children to gain independence when getting up at night. There is an LCD screen to the rear that tells you when a charge is needed and, when it is, you can use the same charger as your Smart Phone! I honestly cannot think of one feature it lacks, and absolutely love it.

  • no wires or batteries needed
  • lightweight
  • two different brightness levels and a discrete charge indicator that turns on just when needed
  • can shine for up to 200 hours on a single charge
  • turns on and off by itself
  • from birth From birth
  • available in 3 shades: lilac, taupe, and blue

How to enter?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Taupe please

  2. Lilac please!

  3. I would like Blue thank you.

  4. I would like to win a Blue Pabodo Super Nomade night light please!

  5. would love the blue colour :)

  6. g+ – emma walters

  7. I’d love the blue please. What a fabulous product.

  8. Taupe please

  9. I would love to win the lilac one!

  10. Oooh we would love a Blue one for our littlest man :)

  11. I have Google +’d the post – I think my ID is Sabina Green but it could be Mummy Matters????

  12. blue please @MummyFever

  13. Taupe please

  14. I would like the blue one, please.

  15. Blue would be fab :) x

  16. Taupe, please.

  17. the blue please

  18. Blue please

  19. Google + – Kirsty Fox

  20. Blue please! :)

  21. blue please!

  22. +1 on google, Charlotte Clark :)

  23. Taupe please

  24. Blue!

  25. Lilac Please :)

  26. Shared on Google+ as Karen Barrett

  27. Would like the taupe one if chosen please

  28. Blue for me :))

  29. lilac colour

  30. blue please.

  31. I would like to win lilac.

  32. Blue please

  33. Taupe please x

  34. Lilac would be great thanks.

  35. Lilac please

  36. Lilac please.

  37. id love taupe please

  38. Taupe please

  39. taupe please

  40. I’d like to win the taupe one.

  41. Lilac please :-)

  42. would love the blue also

  43. I would like lilac or blue, for my younger niece or nephews :)

  44. If i won i would like lilac please

  45. Taupe please

  46. Taupe please

  47. Blue please

  48. My nephew would love a blue one!

  49. I’d love a lilac one please.

  50. blue would be lovely thanks x

  51. Taupe please x

  52. lilac please x

  53. I would love to win the Lilac one :)

  54. Shared on Google+ , Lisa King

  55. blue one!

  56. Blue please :)

  57. wuld lve the lilac one for our little girl due in September @chanson2010

  58. Blue please

  59. Blue please :)

  60. Blue :-)

  61. blue please x

  62. Lilac Please

  63. Blue please :)

  64. lilac as it is such a calming color

  65. Blue please!

  66. Blue please :D

  67. Lilac please .x

  68. Blue please x

  69. taupe

  70. We love the taupe best, xx

  71. Lilac please x

  72. thank you would love to win .

  73. blue please

  74. google + as Julie Davies

  75. Blue please

  76. Blue please

  77. Blue please

  78. i would like blue please. xxx

  79. Blue please

  80. Blue please :)

  81. I would love a blue one please

  82. Lilac please x

  83. I would love it in lilac x

  84. Lilac please :)

  85. My google + is Tracy Hudson

  86. Taupe please!

  87. What a great idea, I’d love a blue one for my son x

  88. Oh we’d love a lilac one, such a brilliant design, so much better then other night lights I’ve seen! x

  89. lilac please.

  90. I would love the Taupe. Would be fantastic in the nursery we are decorating for our first son who is due in Nov xx

  91. Lilac

  92. Lilac please x

  93. Lilac please. xxxx

  94. Wow! I love this :)

  95. I like lilac colour. Thanks.

  96. Taupe please. :)

  97. blue please

  98. G+ the fab competition too x

  99. Taupe please

  100. Taupe :)

  101. Blue please

  102. Love the Lilac!

  103. taupe please

  104. Have Google+ as Leigh Larkin

  105. lilac pls x

  106. google + as jayne underwood


  108. blue please

  109. lilac

  110. Blue please :)

  111. Amazing ideal, would love it in pink x

  112. what a fantastic nightlight and some other fabulous light featured products too. i had never heard of Pabobo before but its defiantly a company to remember
    if i am lucky enough to win i would love the lilac one please :)


  114. Blue please

  115. ………….if l were to win l’d prefer the blue colour

  116. We’d love blue

  117. Taupe would be perfect for my little granddaughter


  119. I would love the lilac please :)

  120. I have google + Charlotte Hoskins

  121. Taupe please.

  122. Blue would be my choice :)

  123. Taupe please

  124. Lilac please :)

  125. Lilac please

  126. lilac please

  127. I’d love to win the lilac one please

  128. blue please

  129. Blue, please :)

  130. I would love the lilac one

  131. Taupe would be lovely

  132. blue please fingers crossed

  133. Lovely Lilac thank you

  134. id love the blue one please

  135. lilac please

  136. Lilac please xx

  137. lilac

  138. Taupe please

  139. lilac please

  140. I’d love the Lilac please :) x

  141. g+’d Lesley Bain x

  142. Lilac please

  143. love lilac

  144. Blue please

  145. My daughter doesn’t like sleeping in the dark so I’d love this for her, to make her feel safe and secure. Fantastic giveaway xxx

  146. A taupe one please :-) x

  147. Love the Lilac

  148. Lilac. It’s soothing.

  149. Taupe please xx

  150. Lilac please

  151. Lilac Please

  152. Lilacwould be lovely :)

  153. Lilac please

  154. I’d love to win the lilac one :)

  155. Blue please

  156. lilac please :)

  157. have google +d and followed – Rachel Blackburn

  158. Lilac please :)

  159. Lilac would be lovely

  160. Blue please

  161. Blue would be lovely, many thanks.

  162. Lilac for my little Lily please :)

  163. I’d love to win blue!

  164. Lilac please

  165. Blue is lovely

  166. Blue please x

  167. Lilac please

  168. Blue colour

  169. Blue please

  170. lilac please :O)

  171. Blue, please

  172. I’d love a blue one please. x

  173. Lilac for my little princess please if I’m lucky enough to win x

  174. blue please

  175. Blue please

  176. Google+ Valerie Kay :-)

  177. Blue please :)

  178. would be fab for my baby due :)

  179. blue one please :)

  180. would love the blue :)

  181. g+ rebecca Shelton

  182. lilac please

  183. What a clever idea :-) I’d love the taupe please :-)

  184. I G+ shared too as Chris Bull :-)

  185. blue please.

  186. lilac please

  187. Would like the blue colour please! :)

  188. blue please!

  189. Hi I’d love the blue one for my little boy . thankyou !

  190. Lilac please

  191. I’d love a lilac one

  192. Lilac please! :-)

  193. Google ID is Linda Hobbis (

  194. Lilac please

  195. I would love to win a lilac for my baby princess…

  196. lilac please

  197. Blue Please

  198. Taupe please

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