Dressing Your Baby Boy

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What to dress baby boys in has been a conundrum for many years. For parents of boys, or those expecting, it can seem like there is a big disparity in the amount, and variation, of clothes available to boys compared to girls. Girls seem to have more choice, with a more varied colour palette and loads of designs. Boys’ clothes seem to stick to the same traditional styles and patterns.

When babies are newborn your key concern will be keeping them comfortable. Save the uber fashionable outfits for when they are a little older, as for 16 or more hours a day your baby will be asleep. A sleeping baby is likely to be disturbed by uncomfortable fabrics or extra detailing on their clothes, and plain cotton sleep suits and vests are often the regular wear of new babies. You can buy all the basics and browse some other more interesting outfits at George at Asda. If you see any outfits that you just have to buy, by all means do, but be mindful of only buying soft fabrics, and consider the fact that babies will need changing about 3 times a day.

There are some lovely little sleep suits available for baby boys, with all sorts of different designs to choose from. You can also find some fantastic baby boy clothes from George at ASDA with little hoodies, soft lined jeans and special royal themed clothes in honour of the new Prince George. There are many more options than you think when you dig a little deeper, and they are much more comfortable for your baby than dresses are for newborn girls.

Mistaken identity, and people thinking your child is a different gender is something a lot of parents get quite upset about. If you are being really honest though, if you put all babies in the same gender-neutral outfit it would be very difficult to determine which were girls and which were boys. These mix ups tend to happen even if your child is dressed in the typical blue and pink gender signals, so try not to worry and dress your baby in what you like, not what looks the most masculine.

Choosing the right colours to dress your baby in is a privilege available only to those who know the sex of their baby before it is born. If you have decided to keep it a surprise you will have to buy the baby’s initial first clothes in gender-neutral colours. This phrase tends to bring the colour yellow immediately to mind, but yellow is still quite a feminine colour, and if your baby is at all jaundice it will make this look far worse than it is. You can’t go wrong with plain white or cream outfits, which will get no more grubby than anything else you dress your baby in at this stage, and are wholly gender non-specific.

Enjoy your first months with your new baby boy and think past what you will dress him in. You are unlikely to remember his first clothes, instead focusing on all his other firsts and your experiences with him. Keep his temperature comfortable and make sure fabrics don’t irritate his skin and you will have a happy content baby.

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  1. Having had two boys myself I know for a fact that there is less choice for boys than girls, but I think there is more choice now than ever and it seems to slowly get better every year.

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