Bake Your Own Jewellery


At this time of the year many parents panic about what to do with children over the very long summer holidays. It is always great to check out all the fabulous blogosphere some great tips, activities and places to visit. Today, I am going to add a creative activity for little girls aged 5 and over.

Isabelle has been sent Bake It/ Shrink It Cupcake Charms from the 4M range. As soon as she spotted the packaging, she was getting excited. She looked a bit puzzled when I announced we would be baking her own jewellery, but as she loves baking she couldn’t wait even more. As Olivia is into everything these days, we had to wait for her lunchtime nap, and soon Isabelle was colouring in the little cupcakes. We used her colouring pencils as there are only four colours provided in the baking set. Make sure you colour on the rough side, and once you are done, put the oven on.

One thing I was surprised about was how quickly they were baked. It literally took just a few seconds and they curled up, then a bit later they became flat and were much smaller then the original size. It was magical for Isabelle and she loved the fact the colours were much brighter and deeper. They really looked like little jewels.

The most difficult part for me was putting the provided metallic rings on them, as if you have longer nails, expect to be a bit tricky. Then I used tweezers, and it worked well. Isabelle created some lovely earings which she is planning to wear on our sunny holidays in the Czech Republic and Menorca soon.

Each kit includes 20 pre-cut cupcake shaped shrinking sheets with four colour pencils to start your designs. Bake your creations in the oven and watch them shrink into colourful charms. Then use the included beads, rings, hooks, chains and string to create unique pieces of jewellery, and display them on the included 5 inch tall plastic jewellery stand. Detailed instructions included. Adult supervision required for baking step.


  1. My little lady would love those, she loves her jewellery, baking and colouring – perfect combination :-)

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