VAX Rapide Ultra 2 Carpet Cleaner Review!


A few years back I borrowed a carpet cleaner form one of my mates. That was the first time I ever used one of these machines. I don’t know if I was doing anything wrong, but the results wasn’t at all what i expected from a carpet washer. Despite me spending almost 1.5 in one bedroom, the carpet didn’t look much different from what it looked before me attempting to clean it. Back then i decided not to invest in one of these machines as it was a waste of money.

A few weeks ago, I was sent the Rapide Ultra 2 W90-RU-P by VAX for a review. I was very excited, but also worried that I would have the same experience. When I checked their website and some other reviews, I calmed down, as there wasn’t even one negative comment. When I realised that it has been chosen as Which? best buy carpet cleaner 2012, I was almost sure that it would be brilliant. But was it really? I am not going to reveal what my thoughts on this product are as I really want you to see for yourselves and watch my short video below. Sit down, relax, grab a cup off coffee, and watch!

By the way, would you agree that having a clean and tidy partner is a necessity? VAX has sent me some very interesting facts which I would love to share with you:

  • 88% of people admitted that having a partner who is clean and tidy at home is important to them following new research undertaken by Vax.
  • 43% have actually felt embarrassed by the cleanliness of their home due to a spontaneous or last minute visitor.
  • only 3% of us pay for a cleaner which is odd considering that over half (56%) of those surveyed described feeling cleansed, happy and energised when having cleaned their home.
  • 76% of females saying that it is still left to them to clean. However of the men that clean, over 4 times as many men find it a happy chore as opposed to a miserable one. Probably because they don’t do it very often!
  • half of us say hoovering is the most important task to feel like we have a clean home
  • 5% of those surveyed saying that they have cleaned in the nude whilst one in five have stripped down to their underwear to clean!

Vax have a range of hoovers for varying environments. For more information about Vax products, visit


  1. I HATE it when people turn up unannounced because my house is always so messy!!! Not dirty, but really REALLY messy!!!!! I need at least 20 minutes notice, to tidy everything away before I feel safe letting anyone inside ;) xx

  2. Our hoover is bust, so that’s my excuse ;-) Seriously though I’m on the hunt for a new vacuum cleaner and also our living room rug could definitely do with some serious TLC so very handy post indeed!

    And ditto with @Jax2000 above, our house is typically messy (I like to think of it as lived-in) although feeling a bit better after tackling junk in the kids’ room. Taking it stage by stage ;-)

  3. Looks cool and it’s so hard to keep a tidy house with kids. Clean, oh yes but tidy takes time and like the girls said, I need notice if peeps are coming round for tea!

  4. Luckily my family and friends are good at giving notice before coming around. I’d have to hang my head in shame if I had an unexpected visitor. Keeping a house tidy with little people around is hard work!

  5. Vax machines are great I used to have one they pick up loads!

  6. Luckily most people I know at least call ahead giving me 15-20 minutes notice so I can create some semblance of tidyness. But what is it with those toys – they just seem to multiply and I find them tucked in to the weirdest places! I have a vax handheld and it’s the best thing I bought to clean up all those crumbs!

  7. Ooh this looks good, most carpet cleaners are HUGE and monstrous to use. I haven’t had any experience of VAX but I’ve heard they can be pretty good.

    JAX I wish it would only take 20 minutes to tidy my house, I feel like I’m ALWAYS tidying my house and it STILL looks a mess :(

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