The First Little Waitrose Opened at John Lewis in Watford!


On Tuesday morning I went to have a private sneak preview of the first ever ‘little Waitrose at John Lewis’ in Watford. As we are locals and shop at the Harlequin shopping centre very often, I was even more excited as this can potentially have a great influence on my life too. Olivia was looked after Kate, John Lewis PR whom we have met on a few occasions before, and I had a chance to go behind the scenes and see for myself that there definitely is enough space to have a “little waitrose” in john Lewis.

John Lewis’s £2 million investment has seen 5,500 sq ft of back of house space on the second floor converted into a ‘little Waitrose at John Lewis’ shop. The new shop give customers the chance to purchase Waitrose products whilst also shopping at John Lewis Watford. I was amazed at how much space was provided by knocking down just a few customer toilets, and moving JL offices. Staff were busily stocking the shelves while we were browsing and listening to Jonathan Field, managing director of John Lewis Watford. Many families who come shopping at the weekend will be able to stock on all basic products here and not only that, there is a fresh meat/fish section at the back and as we were told all staff have been trained to cut fresh meat/fish according to their customers need. There is also free coffee by the bakery section. There is one section that I was very impressed by, a large wine section at the back of the store, including a really good selection of fine wines and champagnes.

If you decide to do your weekly shopping there, the staff will happily give you a hand and accompany you to your car. Their customer toilets and changing facilities have been moved just a few meters away, and were very clean as expected from John Lewis. After all these years shopping at this centre, I know that their toilets and changing facilities are always clean and regularly checked. That is a great plus for us mums. Having a nice cup of coffee in the cafe is a nice treat after a long shopping trip, and from now on you can combine it with getting your grocery shopping done too, and no need to top it up at another grocery store.

Opening hours; Monday to Friday from 9am until 6pm, with late night opening until 9pm on Thursdays, and Sunday from 10.30am until 5pm (including Sunday browse time from 10.30am until 11am).

I say well done to John Lewis, and cannot wait to start shopping at the new Little Waitrose at John Lewis Watford!


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