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Just a few days ago, Gabby Logan led a group of women on the Speedo Sculpture’s Parade to help encourage women to be more body confident. I was so excited about taking part in this, but at the end I wasn’t able to attend as I had no babysitting for Olivia. If you watch the video below, it will give you an idea of the atmosphere. It is a shame I wasn’t able to be there as I would have loved it. Just check out all the ladies walking so proudly, revealing their bodies to general public. That needed some courage!

But why am I telling you all this? Not only I wanted to share the news about this event, but most importantly why have Speedo decided to do this. If you are my regular blog reader, you know I love swimming, and not long ago I took part in Swimathon 2013, and swam 5km (200 lengths) for my very ill dad who is fighting cancer. Speedo is the brand I usually go for when I buy my swimming goggles, and swimsuits. All Speedo products I have bought in past years have always been of the highest quality, and that is what this brand means to me, only the best!

I was very excited to find out about their new Speedo Sculpture collection that has something for women of every shape and size, with many styles and colours to choose from. I have to admit that I also as many women am not happy with my body, and have always found my tights too big. After breastfeeding two gorgeous daughters, and having large breast, I also need more breast support these days. I can tell you, I cannot wait to find the perfect swimsuit from their range to make me feel as confident out of the water as I am in!

What can you expect from the Speedo Sculpture range?

  • Tummy control without creating problems in other areas
  • Visual shaping detailing uses colour and print placement to draw the eye to areas we want to enhance and all over prints or darker areas to visually smooth and distract from imperfections. Seaming and panelling create an hourglass silhouette. Neckline shapes are used to balance hips or slim the upper body.
  • Placeholder
  • Bust support ensure a great fit, security and support. The cut of these features flatter the bust delivering a natural shaping effect.
  • All over body shaping

Top psychologist Anjula Mutanda comments, “Negative talk amongst women about our bodies and looks is so common and well practiced it seems to happen almost without thinking. It can be contagious and its easy to spread and reinforce negative messages amongst ourselves; resulting in avoidance behavior around exposing our bodies. The good news is that we can take control and shift our mindset from negative to positive thinking. When you change how you think it will change the way you feel, and the way you behave.”

Tips to fight ‘fat talk’ and get you parading to the pool include:
• Stay fit with exercise like swimming. You’ll stop seeing your body as purely aesthetic and more about performance and movement
• Don’t overthink things! When you overthink you’re more likely to stop yourself doing something. Throw off your towel and parade to the pool instead!
• Fake it until you make it. Focus on confident body language; keep your shoulders back, make eye contact, that’s what people will remember
• Surround yourself with positive friends and people with good self-image. Make each other feel good
• Enhance what’s great about you. Stop looking at what you hate and start focusing on what you like
• Don’t see your body as separate from you, it’s part of you and not your enemy
• Manage your expectations of being judged. Most people aren’t looking anyway!
• Build self-esteem around what you’re good at, rather than what you look like
• Talk positively about your body in front of your children. Just as they can learn your positive habits they can learn your bad habits if you don’t
• Keep a diary as a way to spot your negative talk

I love these tips, and suggest you take them on board. I will! We should love our bodies more. Come on, life is too short, get a new Speedo Sculpture swimsuit and be yourself!

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  1. Such a brilliant campaign and Speedo swimsuits are utterly brilliant-supportive and flattering x

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