Where will you be spending this Easter holidays?


Have you been thinking about what to do this Easter yet? I know it isn’t the half-term holidays yet, and I am asking such a question. On the other hand it is always good to plan in advance as am sure that many places suitable for families will be booked out very soon. Until this year, we used to spend every Easter with my family here in London. This will be the first year we will miss my parents and still not sure how well my dad is going to be. I don’t want it to be another disaster like during Christmas, and would love to plan and organise some nice Easter family holidays for us all. I am not sure how many days will daddy be able to take off work, but hopefully we could spend a week together.

It will be just before Isabelle’s sixth birthday, so I really want to make this holiday special for her. Since we have had Olivia I haven’t had that much time for her, and this could remind her that she is as important as Olivia to me and daddy. I was thinking of going to a holiday park like Butlins, where we had an amazing time couple of years ago. It was just me and Isabelle, and we both really enjoyed our stay at the Shoreline Hotel Butlins Bognor Regis. We were invited for the MADS 2010 blogging awards, and during our stay we had plenty of time to explore what was on offer. Isabelle especially enjoyed the water world and all the indoor attractions as well as walks on the beach. I have to say that I was also impressed by the stage performances and despite not being a huge fan of Thomas the engine, when the fat Controller appeared and started singing, I was happily singing along too. I remember we went there in the middle of September, and the weather wasn’t very summary anymore, but thanks to all the entertainment we managed to forget about the rain and wind, and had a great time. Would you believe there were still some people swimming in the cold sea?

As daddy and Olivia haven’t been there yet, maybe this could be a lovely surprise and we could also see how much has this place changed since the last time we visited.


  1. Lovely post and what beautiful pictures, your daughter so sooo stunning (take after mama) x

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