Top tips to ensure your babies safety in the car!


In 2013, everybody’s first resolution should be car safety; for the first time in half a decade there was an increase of 3% in deaths on the road with 25,023 casualties. Fortunately child casualties (killed, seriously injured, and slightly injured) stayed the same.

An issue that has risen to the fore in recent years is baby safety protection in cars. The developments and precautions that should be taken on board to protect your baby have been reassessed. The safety features available for babies has advanced making there no reason to worry as a parent in 2013.

Standard tips for baby protection;

These tips should always be adhered to provide the necessary safety for your baby;

· Keep he baby in a rear facing position for as long as the new recommendations suggest; standard regulations are the baby weighs less than 40 pounds. Children should remain rear facing until the age of two.

· Make sure the seat is at an angle of 45 degrees, this ensures the baby’s head stays rested on the seat and air ways stay open.

· Make sure the buckled harness are secured and fit comfortably around the baby. The best position is to place the straps below the baby’s shoulder and adjust the clip to armpit level.

· Use the “1 inch gauge” to measure if the car seat is secure enough. It should move more than 1 inch side to side or back to front. The best way to test this is by pulling at the safety belt.

· Never trust a used car seat, so avoid car seats at second hand stores or online. The expiry dates for most car seats are six years. This is printed on the seat – the expiry date. Do not trust any add on products or toys that didn’t come from the manufacturers.

· Have your car seat checked by a certified child passenger safety technician to make sure it is properly installed. Car seats need to meet standard safety codes before considered safe.

· Never leave your baby alone in the car.

Advanced tips for baby protection;

The motor industry is a multibillion dollar industry with numerous automobile manufacturers thinking of ways for vehicles to become faster and further advanced in their safety aspects. Until recently baby protection was left behind; there are now manufacturing companies specialising in car safety technology for babies. Here are the top developments to date;

· Carcoon; Offers a seat that makes it easier for the parent and increases the level of safety for the baby. The click of a handle allows you change the position of where the bay is facing. It also has a cocooning mechanism, if the seat detects the slightest impact, an airbag literally cocoons the child in the sea – ensuring optimum protection for the baby.

· Airprotect; One in four car accidents are side injury crashes. Airprotect provides the greatest side-impact protection available on the market today. Air Protect instantaneously reduces the impact forces of a crash – most critically, around your child’s head – by diverting them away from your child and absorbing them into the headrest.!

· Side Impact Protection; the parts of the car seat that cradle your child’s head are reinforced with added layers of high-grade EPS and SPS foam. This material is proven to absorb the impact of a side and rear crash, and rebounds in frontal crashes, offering the ultimate in all-round protection. It also distributes the force of the crash away from your child’s body.

These tips should help you when looking to provide an environment in your car that’s safe for your child and prevent the rise of injuries from motoring accidents and negligence.

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