How to keep your kids happy on a flight!

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Many parents dread traveling with children; however, it does not have to be the nightmare you have imagined it to be. Family holidays can be enjoyable regardless of the length of a flight. As long as you are prepared for any circumstance, you will have a successful journey.


Allow your children to pack their own luggage. Giving them this responsibility provides them with a sense of accomplishment and ownership. Everyone should be able to carry or roll their own luggage. You should have your children work together to bring items that everyone can use on the flight to save on space. They should pack their own games, toys and comfort items. You should be certain to do a final check of their luggage prior to leaving for the airport to avoid any potential security breaches and tantrums.


Speak with your children about appropriate airport and in-flight behaviour while the family is learning about your destination. You can make a trivia game out of the correct answers to make it even more enjoyable. Also prepare them for the length of the flight and explain that turbulence is normal so they are not frightened if it does occur during the flight along with any other circumstance that may seem frightening to a child such as the de-icing of a plane. The more they understand, the less scary it will be.


Airlines are notorious for having issues with food supplies. You should be certain to pack some snacks for your kids. Be certain to keep snacks sugar free or low in sugar. The last thing you want is for your children to be hyperactive on the flight and even worse, to have them crash and become unbearable even for you as their parents. Pack healthy snacks. In fact, have your children pack their own snacks in their luggage alongside empty water bottles to be filled after the family has cleared security.

In-Flight Entertainment:

Try to make the experience special. Many parents bring along gifts for their children to open during flights so they continually have something new to play with during the flight. This often allows for families to evade the dreaded boredom of a child. Inexpensive and simple games and toys are often preferred by children. You can always use technological assistance to pass the time, as well. You should also walk them around the plane on occasion so they do feel too confined for too long.

Coping with Pressure Changes:

Use education as a tool in dealing with pressure changes. Children are often frightened when they do not understand a situation; therefore, it is best to explain the process and that it may be uncomfortable for a while. You should also teach them the best techniques for coping with the pressure changes during ascent and descent. Some parents choose to use over-the-counter medication as a way to reduce inflammation before the flight and to relax the child.

Lead by Example:

Children often take their behavioural leads from their parents. You should try to be as calm and relaxed as possible during the entire process. Only pack necessities. The less luggage you have to carry around the less stressed you will be. Be polite to others and use your manners. Your children will learn their traveling behaviour from you.

Keeping kids happy on a flight is really as simple as providing them with education, keeping their bellies full and giving them inexpensive surprise gifts of entertainment throughout the flight. Start looking for cheap flight tickets now to experience the magical family holiday of which you always dreamed.

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  1. My children have never been on a plane because I am petrified of flying but I have decided that in 2014 I will book a holiday so they can enjoy a fab holiday abroad, these tips all sound like a great idea so I will have to take a look at it before we go!

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