10 minute Thai Curry!


Last few months I have been living in a huge rush. Looking after two children is completely different to looking just after one, and it took me a few weeks to get used to it which I am sure nobody can be surprised about! One thing I have never been great at is spending loads of time on cooking. I used to love it before having children and was always trying out new recipes, but was never into spending hours in the kitchen. I love food, good food, and have always trying to eat healthily. Unfortunately the lack of time is so bad, that most of the time I manage to make only very quick meals like pasta, which luckily is very popular with Isabelle and daddy.

When I lived in Sydney, I managed to travel to Thailand too. I love Thai food, and the food in Thailand was all just fantastic. I will also never forget how spicy it was… Anyway, if you are after a lovely, but quick recipe, check out the above video and to make it easier for you, here are all the ingredients!

Bon appetit!

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