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When I was in my twenties there was no way I would be thinking about having any private health insurance at all, and I think I was not the only one. I just thought it was a waste of money. I believe most young people ignore the fact that something unexpected could happen, and then without having a good private health insurance policy, you might finish up waiting for your procedure for months and months through the public system, or paying for some very expensive treatment straight from your own pocket.

I think that private health insurance is needed especially these days. It is always better to pay a little extra every month, than paying a huge amount of money all at once if something happens. Taking the risk of not having private health insurance is definitely even more dangerous and irresponsible if you have a family to look after. Becoming parents has also meant that me and daddy went for some private health insurance as well. You never know what can happen, and at least this way we are sure that if something happens, we are covered, and it will we can afford treatment when we need it allowing us to be in our best health to look after our daughters.

Maybe another fact that discourages many young people from having a private health insurance is that it takes ages to find a good and suitable policy. I have to be honest; I always leave decisions like this on daddy. It is much easier for me, and I am very glad for that. Because of that I had no idea companies existed that can do much of the work for you. If you are looking for health insurance in Australia then be sure to check out comparison sites like Choosi to make sure you get the best deal, and guess what? They offer their comparison services for free and any premium you end up paying would be exactly the same as the standard rates you would pay if you went directly to the insurer. But then you might ask the question how do companies like Choosi exist, if they don’t charge you a penny? They are actually paid directly by the insurer to provide this service to you. Isn’t that fabulous?

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  1. Great post and so true that health insurance is crucial. Very lucky my husband has it through his work x

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