Great looks for new mums!


Great looks for new mums

Giving birth can make you feel stronger than ever, and raising your little one will make you feel extremely important and needed. But can you balance this new role with your former fashionable self?

Being a mum doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your looks, contrary to what many people believe. There are practical ways to look sleek and chic, without spending a lot of time on your wardrobe. Here are five easy tips that any new mum can use.

Wear fabrics that you don’t have to fuss over. As a new parent, your laundry load is about to double. Your baby may be tiny, but he or she will surprise you with the number of times one little bundle of joy can spit up today’s lunch. Because you and your baby will be prone to spillage, it’s best to choose fabrics that can be thrown in the washer and dryer without fretting about whether it’s better to hand wash or dry clean them. This all-cotton logo tank top from Lucas Hugh is simple activewear that fits the bill.

Add accessories to give your look an update. Even if you don’t have time to fret over putting together an eye-catching outfit, you can still look put-together with a few choice accessories like one of these gorgeous bracelets from Bex Rox. What’s more, accessories can actually save you valuable time when you’re getting dressed. Just think of how much stress a great fedora can prevent when you’re having a bad hair day or how the perfect scarf can be just the trick to hiding baby accident stains.

Make it easier to nurse. Blouses with high necklines are sophisticated, but you’ll quickly find yourself in a dilemma if you’re nursing. Instead, choose tops like this Indigo Paisley Crepe Blouse by Yigal Azrouel with buttons along the front so that you can shift into breastfeeding position more easily.

Choose belts that make getting dressed a cinch. Most women have a transitioning period between their pregnancy weight and their post-baby body, which may make getting dressed a little awkward. If you find that you’re not quite small enough to fit into your old clothes yet too small to continue wearing your maternity wardrobe, there’s a simple solution. Choose a few chic belts to introduce to the mix, and you can wear your favourite maternity tops as tunics. This Yellow Gold Leather Waist Belt by Cedric Charlier is a bold and stylish option.

Add height, not pain, with comfortable heels. If you’re a style-forward mum who just doesn’t feel done up without a good pair of heels, there’s no need to give up your shoe obsession. Though you’ll be on your feet more, you can stay stylish with platform heels and kitten heels, proving that a great look doesn’t always have to be uncomfortable.

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