Robbie Williams will be touring again!


Last week I was on twitter chatting to someone about of one of my favourite singers. Before I reveal his name, I am going to give you a few clues, and I am sure you will guess his name easily! So, the first clue is, he is very handsome, dark hair, green eyes…. maybe not the best clue? OK, another clue is he is British, got married and started a family not long ago (which was a big surprise to me as I thought he wasn’t that kind of guy who would want to be married and have children). Still no idea? The last clue is, he used to be part of Take That! Yes, you got it right. It is Robbie Williams!

I might be one of the very few people who was happy he didn’t get back with Take That when they got together again not long ago, as I don’t think he needs to be part of any group. He is the best on his own. I never used to listen to Take That when they were so in so many years ago. I was more into Depeche Mode and Lenny Kravitz. When Take That revealed they would be playing together again, I wasn’t impressed and was hoping he wouldn’t be getting together with them, and luckily he didn’t. I know many people were judging him for that and saying he was too much full of himself, but I don’t think so at all. He just really is so good!

I believe he’s got a very unique voice, looks fantastic and I love listening to his songs. Even Isabelle sometimes sings along his songs with me. Last week when I was on the way home from the school run listening to the radio, they were talking about Robbie and his new tour next year. I would love to go to see him performing. He is definitely one of the few people I have always wanted to see and I haven’t been to a concert for ages. Maybe I will go with daddy, but I am not sure if Robbie is his cup of tea. What do you think? Shall I go with daddy or some girlfriend? We will see. But for now, I just need to get my hands on some Robbie Williams tickets and you should do too if you are his fans as they will be sold out in no time I think.

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