Zookeeper DVD Review & Competition!


If you are after a good family movie, then you will love the last movie I was sent for a review. No, it isn’t about Christmas, and maybe that’s why I liked it a lot. Not that I don’t like Christmas, but I don’t need to be reminded about it non stop. Anyway, we sat down with Isabelle and started watching it. I have to admit that she wasn’t that much interested at first, but when she realised the animals could talk, she loved it. There were some very funny scenes, and all in all, this could be a great entertaining movie for the whole family to wathc during Christmas holidays!

In Zookeeper, the animals at the Franklin Park Zoo love their kindhearted caretaker, Griffin Keyes (Kevin James). Finding himself more comfortable with a lion than a lady, Griffin decides the only way to get a girl in his life is to leave the zoo and find a more glamorous job. The animals, in a panic, decide to break their time-honoured code of silence and reveal their biggest secret: they can talk! To keep Griffin from leaving, they decide to teach him the rules of courtship – animal style.


How to enter?

I have two more copies to give away to All Baby Advice subscribers. All you have to do to enter this competition is to comment on this post, if you could be an animal which animal would you be and why? Don’t forget to leave a way of contacting you. For additional entries you can click the buttons below ( Twitter, Stumble, Facebook, Digg, Google +1, etc.) and let me know you did so in another comment. Please use a separate comment for each entry. Maximum 4 entries. The winner will be revealed here and on Twitter. The competition ends on 03/01/2012.


And the winners are:


Congratulations to everyone!

Please e-mail me your full name and address at allbabyadvice@yahoo.co.uk

Thank you

Mirka @Kahanka


  1. I’d like to be a cat – independent but cuddly


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  5. A ladybird, they are so cute


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  8. Tweeted too


  9. I would be a horse – I just love them @MummyFever

  10. Have tweeted @MummyFever

  11. Have shared on google + @MummyFever as Charlotte Pearson

  12. A cat so I could eat and sleep and be tickled all day!

  13. Sorry was so busy thinking about being a cat I forgot my details!!

    Twitter – @bloomingfox
    Facebook – Kirsty Fox

  14. I have tweeted – @bloomingfox

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  17. I would be a cat, oh yeah!

  18. I’ve clicked the +1 button

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  21. I’d be a rabbit- I adore bunnies!

  22. Tweeted! @pandcands

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  24. Clicked on Google +1 button.

  25. I think I would like to be a cat, they have an easy life. They sleep all day and humans do their bidding!

  26. I have tweeted @RedRoseMummy

  27. I’d be a dolphin cause they are so inteligent and graceful! @simply_hayley

  28. have tweeted as @happyhomebird

  29. I’d be a penguin as they have lots of mates and everybody likes them.

  30. i would be a lion because then i woudl never have to be scared!

  31. I would like to be a cuddly bear so my son could snuggle me all day long.

  32. i have tweeted as @ashlallan


  34. A Hamster because they sleep all day like me haha

    @snowted on Twitter
    Tink Lee Mse on Facebook

  35. A giraffe so I could lick my own ears

  36. i would be elephant, no need to worry about my weight and ready made shower every morning………and i will not forgot to enter your competitions..

  37. have tweeted too @crazygoat97..

  38. An eagle. To be able to fly to where ever I choose

  39. A dolphin because they’ve always got a smile on their face

  40. I would be a lioness so i could be Queen of the Jungle (ie Queen of my whole family!!)


  41. I’d be a lion.
    I already have the mane and the roar, but not the fearsome looks :-)


  42. the family dog – so much attention and treats

  43. I’d be a penguin so I could splash about all day!


  44. I would be a Honey Badger, No one messes with the honey Badger. Cute but deadly just like me.

  45. liked on facebook

  46. Followed on twitter

  47. I have also retweeted. Contact for me, “markemacdonald2011@gmail.com”


  48. I’d be a lion, big and scary but get to laze in the sun

  49. A Lion,
    because we all know he is the king of the jungle!

  50. a baby brown bear.because they are cheeky and cuddly

  51. I would want to be a snake because when snake walks it’s lying down.

  52. I would be a Koala Bear because I love Eucalyptus

  53. A dog, mans best friend xx

  54. I’d be a marmot – I’d be cute, cuddly, furry and best of all – I’d get to hibernate until Spring!

  55. I’d be an elephant because they have a built in shower!!!

  56. A penguin, very family orientated and fantastic parents.

  57. Google +1

  58. Tweeted

  59. Liked on FB as Karen A Barrett

  60. I would be a Dolphin………intelligent,fun and majestic :)


  61. Oh I would HAVE to be a Meerkat! Even the adults are cute!

  62. I’d be an elephant, because they have such loving relationships.

  63. Have tweeted! @flamingice48

  64. Liked on Facebook (Holly Green)

  65. A tortoise so I could hibernate during these horrid winter months, and then also i could take life much slower rather than rushing around like most busy Mums!!

  66. I would love to be a Wolf, the alpha female of course, and get to run with a pack while having litter of puppies with lots of family to help and play with them

  67. Liked on FB as Mad Welsh Mamz

  68. Tweeted on Twitter as Mamzie2,

    I just know my children would love this dvd, and want thank you for running the competition, xxx

  69. i would be a penquin as i love the way the waddle about and huddle together to keep warm : )


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