The Gallery – Our Nanna turning 90!


This week’s gallery theme is “EMOTIONS”. I have to admit that I am a very emotional person and since having Isabelle I have been showing them much more than before. I have asked some of my mummy friends and most of them agree that after having children you become much more emotional. It’s not only crying, but also being angry and very protective when it has to do anything with my darling Isabelle. My husband says that she is the centre of my world, which she definitely is, but of course I don’t love him less than before having her. He just had to learn to share me with her.
Last weekend was very emotional for our family, as it was our nan’s 90th birthday celebration. We all flew to Belfast to visit her and spend some time with her and granddad on such an important event for her. She is always so happy when we come and visit. They moved there 5 years ago, used to live just round the corner from where we live now, but they decided to spend a few years with their friend who lives near Belfast. It’s not easy to understand why, but it was their decision and we have to respect it. We would love to go and see them more often, but as my family lives in the Czech republic, we also have to fly to see them, it’s not that easy.

I have never written about nan and granddad on this blog, but have decided this is the right time to do so. They are both very special people to my hubby, not just like all grandparents are. They are actually like parents to him and his sister, as they raised them up and we all are very grateful to them for doing so. When I met my husband, I was very confused about his family history, but having these people in his life was the best of luck he could have ever gotten. I love them both and wish they could be with us for many more years.

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  1. beautiful.xx
    I Can't wait to meet you on Saturday.

  2. Thank you, me too ;) Counting the minutes before going…very nervous and excited about Cybermummy!

  3. aaww lovely post :)

  4. Thank you, she really means the world to us ;)

  5. Very happy birthday to your Nanna!

  6. This is lovely. You sound like me, was always very emotional anyway but now I'm quite ridiculous!

  7. Me too, sometimes I cry when watching the news on TV…

  8. Lovely post, happy birthday to your Nan. It is hard when the people we love are far away. Jen

  9. Wow-is she independent? Would love to be independent at 90.

  10. Awww, what a lovely post.

  11. Thank you again for all the lovely comments. In most ways they are still independent, their friend sees them once a week and if they need anything she helps. But if they lived where they used to, I could see them every day…

  12. How lovely x

  13. That's a lovely post. x

  14. Really lovely post, hope to meet you on Saturday! x

  15. What a lovely tribute!!! May the be in your lives for many years to come! 90 is quite an age, but these days…

    Maggy x

  16. That's a beautiful tribute to some special people in your lives. Great photos and lovely words.
    Your daughter is beautiful – her smile is infectious :-)

  17. Thank you all, I hope she will ;)

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