September 30, 2014
by Mirka

How to Find Cheap Family Holidays

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Some people might say I get spoilt with having two beach holidays a year, and think we are loaded, but unfortunately we are not! It’s all about planning ahead and making the right choice for you and your family in terms of the right destination for the particular dates..

Once your little one starts school, you can forget avoiding overpriced family holiday packages during school holidays. When Isabelle was little I had no troubles browsing and finding some fabulous beach holidays for us. Then she started reception and all the parents were talking about how expensive it was going on holidays during the time our children were off school. I went back home, and started checking places we had previously been to during the school holidays, and was almost out of breath. I cannot believe the prices are more then double, sometimes triple and more of what we used to pay.

I thought this was very unfair, and still think that many families cannot afford going abroad because of this. Then they have to become the “naughty parents” and take their child out of school, and later on have to face the dirty looks of the teachers and the headmaster, and some other parents too. But is that worth it? I do not judge those parents, and absolutely understand that family time is the most important thing, and if you cannot afford to go on holidays during the approved school off time, then go for it.

Or you can go for the other option, and plan your holiday a looooong time in advance. Start putting certain amount of money on the side every week. I think children love going on holidays, and if you tell them instead of spending weekly £50 on something or having a meal in a restaurant, you would put money away to save for a family holiday, they would be OK with that.

PortugalLast weekend we learnt a lesson. We were thinking of going away this Xmas. We have talked about it for a few months, but we had no idea how many families are planning to do the same. I was really surprised as I thought that Xmas is mostly spent with family, friends but at home. When we checked online and saw the sky high prices, we knew there was no way we would go away this year. Thanks to advice from a travel agent we know we need to start checking a year in advance to get the best deal, as the flight tickets are released early in January.

So I guess you know what I will be doing this January?

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September 30, 2014
by Mirka

All New Episodes of TURBO FAST on NETFLIX and much more!

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The world-famous super-power snail Turbo and his posse of adrenaline junkie fueled snail buddies that form the Fast Action Stunt Team (F.A.S.T) are back, meeting the craziest challengers. No matter how wild things get, the Fast Action Stunt Team always has each other’s backs and their need for speed delivers a whole new level of fun.

All new episodes of TURBO FAST are available now to stream on Netflix from 13th September.


What can you be looking forward to see on Netflix in 2015?

Popples Netflix Key Art -Final



A few days ago Saban Brands and Netflix announced a POP-tastic original kids series, Popples, exclusively for all Netflix members worldwide. This new playful animated series will re-imagine the nostalgic adorable species of brightly coloured creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and back again, while keeping the same silly spirit of the original Popples characters that fans know and love.

Originally introduced in the U.S. in 1985, Popples made their debut with a successful toy line followed by what became a very popular Saturday morning television programme. Netflix will transport viewers into the colorful world of Popplopolis with 26 half-hour episodes, beginning in late 2015.

Popples are fun, lovable, brightly coloured and adorable creatures that transform from fluffy balls to furry friends and back again. Saban Brands will re-imagine the franchise for a new generation of kids with an all-new animated series in 2015. The show will be a high-energy comedy series, driven by the optimistic comic entertainment of its main characters, or Best Popple Pals (BPPs): Bubbles, Sunny, Lulu, Izzy and Yikes.

September 29, 2014
by Mirka

We did it! Me & Isabelle Running Moor Park 10km Charity Run


What else can you do on one of the hottest September Sunday afternoon than run 10km charity in memory of someone very special? Me and Isabelle have been very excited about our first ever charity run we would be running together Well, it was not exactly together as she is 7 years old and would not be able to run 10km, at least not now without proper training, but she did her bit. I was in tears when I saw my little one at the start line in the crowds with so many little 7-10 year old girls. She had a few of her class mates there, which was fantastic as she did not feel nervous at all, and of course daddy and Isabelle’s little sister Olivia!


As you know I am a passionate runner, and have been training her and preparing her for this during the summer holidays, but in the past few weeks we did not manage to find that much time due to being back to school and all her after school activities and homework. She went for a run a few times, but I knew she was not ready to be racing to be the first. And you know what, I did not want to push her too much and be one of the parents who make their children run. I want her to enjoy it, and do it if she wants to do it. It was not mine, but her decision to run this as she wants to be like me.

I kept on telling her to make sure she would not start running to fast and then run out of power, and she did listen to me. She did really well, was not one of the best, but for me she was. Her first run, and she loved it, and that was all that matters to me! I am so proud of her, and know this is not the last run we did together.

WP_20140928_001 WP_20140928_003

I love running, and from reading my blog you know I have run 2 marathons (London in 2011, Prague in 2014) so far, and the only race I did except a marathon was 5km run in Hyde Park years ago. I have to be honest and say I did not enjoy that at all, as it was overcrowded, and many people were not running but walking, which would be fine if they went in the group for people who decided not to run. Since then I have never gone for the shorter races, and also I love running for hours and hours, that is a challenge for me, a challenge which I really enjoy.

I have never been a fast runner, and will probably never be after doing my Sunday race. This was a completely different experience. As it was a local charity run, there were many familiar faces supporting us, and it was a nice family afternoon, but the race itself was a very different challenge for me.

Isabelle fnished her race about 1.5 hours before the big 10km race started. Then we had to hang about for ages, and as it was a very hot afternoon, I started feeling like I did not really want to run it, and all my excitement was gone. I was playing with the idea of driving back home for a bit, but then I remembered all the people who have already sponsored us. Also how would I explain that to Isabelle? Shame on me! Luckily that did not last long.

As some of my friends have already run this run a few times before, I kind of knew what to expect. I knew the terrain was not ideal, and that the biggest challenge would come after 4km, a massive hill lasting for 1km. I was dreading it.

I have trained loads for this run, but as I have mentioned before I am not a fast runner. Running is my way of relaxing. Running along the canal, absorbing the fresh air, looking at the nature, it’s just magical. Running any race is a very different experience to my normal runs. People run races for many reasons, for me it was not to beat my personal best time. It was to do it in memory of my dad, and to do it with my Isabelle.

The gun went off, and people started racing like mad. The pace everybody went for was unbelievable, and despite my big decision not to start too fast I was kind of pushed to run faster than I wanted. The first 4 km before the first water station was OK, I was running faster than I was planning to, but I was managing. Then after a few sips of water I was standing at the bottom of the massive hill everybody was talking about. At that moment I knew that not running 10km, but to run up this beast would be the challenge for me.

I kept on running and soon many people started dropping off and walking. After about 400m, I gave up, I was breathing heavily and thinking “is this worth using all my energy for this hill?” I was power-walking for a few hundred metres, then there was a flat bit, so I started running, but from advice of my friends I knew, that it was not the end of it. I managed to run a few hundred metres more, but decided to walk the last few meters to the top of the hill. After that I somehow found the strength to speed up and was almost racing for the last 2km.


I did it, I ran 10km in 56 minutes, my personal best. I was very proud running under the finishing line. This run was so different to anything I have ever run before. Did I enjoy the much faster pace? No! Did I enjoy running/walking the hill? No! Will I do it again? NO (my answer yesterday … today I am already thinking maybe!).

I love running, and this was a great experience to confirm I am not crazy for shorter & faster runs. But who knows, maybe I will run it again.

Despite me thinking it would not be a challenge for me, it really was!


Now, it’s your time to show me & Isabelle your support. Please sponsor us, we have a target of £100, and have raised £70. Running up the hill was a challenge for me, but sometimes I feel sad when I see people cannot spend a few pounds and support not just me & Isabelle, but mainly a great charity cause. At the end of the day, we did it for my dad who passed away a year ago and for Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre who support people affected by cancer to help them cope with their experience.

You can sponsor us below.


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