September 20, 2014
by Mirka

IKEA: “The One Million Views” Story #IKEAtimetravel

IKEA_Jeff_Beth_Poster_Frame_02If you remember well, I blogged about the IKEA’s hypnotising time travel experiment exactly a month ago. And guess what? The first video has been so popular and seen by over a million people in just over 4 weeks!

This time Justin Trance hypnotised a young couple into believe they’re in their future. The film was released on Wednesday and shows how a young couple under hypnosis reacts to predicted future life scenarios presented to them, in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms.

Beside hypnosis, actors played out roles of potential future family members to give the hypnotised customers something real to relate to inside the IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms. Director Andreas Nilsson explains.

”A lot of research and testing went into this project. We really wanted the young couple to feel that they had travelled in time. Hypnosis together with supporting actors, proved to be the best solution to making it happen”, says Andreas Nilsson.

While being hypnotised, Jeff and Beth, will first travel 4 years in time, move into their first apartment, and Jeff will ask Beth to marry him. Then they experience having a 5 year old son…. and they like it, then a teenage son… and they…

… well you need to watch the video to find out!

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September 19, 2014
by Mirka

Win £50 Morrisons Vouchers to Spend on Nutmeg Clothing

Nutmeg - Girls

Just before the summer holidays I was reviewing Morrisons grocery shopping online service, and if you read my post, you know I was very pleased with my experience. Since then my hubby has been also using them for drycleaing his shirts. I was gutted at first, as I do not mind doing so, but let’s be honest, I spend much more time getting them washed and ironed. When he told me he pays £6 for 5 shirts, I just could not believe so. Here is my bye bye to ironing and this means more time to spend with my girls and daddy… or blogging!

baby - NutmegAnyway, as our local Morrisons store is just 5 minutes away, I often pop in to have a look at their Nutmeg clothing range. It is affordable, and of a good quality. Have you heard of Nutmeg?

Morrisons have donated £50 voucher to one lucky All Baby Advice reader. They would like to know what would you spend the £50 voucher on from their Nutmeg clothing range.

Boy - Nutmeg

Go on, check out the website, enter via the Rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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September 19, 2014
by Mirka

When Kids Take Over: The Importance Of Having Me Time


Mothers and fathers, especially those who have a newborn, tend to have no time for themselves. Even if you want to have even a few minutes to yourself, it might be tricky as you have to balance plenty of duties including taking care of your baby or children, finishing household chores, and worrying about work. Despite all the things you have to do, it is important that you take time for yourself, even for just a few hours a day.

Finding Time For Yourself
This may be a difficult task especially for first time parents. Taking a break once in a while is not selfish, as you also have your personal needs that must be taken care of. The most important thing to determine is your most important priority. When the kids are asleep, or when they are with their grandparents, these are the moments that you can take to enjoy things on your own. You must know that taking a break is important, as this may also help you become a better parent in the long run.

What To Do During Your Me Time
There are definitely countless things that you can do during your alone time. You can play a few online games, read a good book, have a massage, take a nap, or have a relaxing bubble bath. We all know that the little time you have for yourself when you have kids is a luxury, which is why you should know how to spend your free time wisely. Although you might think that free time must be spent on household chores, you must also understand that you need to spend time doing something that you love. You might even want to take time to catch up with your friends.

Scheduling Your Me Time
If you think that you don’t have time for yourself, all you have to do is prepare a schedule. Talk to your spouse about taking care of some of the household chores and the kids for a day. Another option is to get a babysitter to take care of the kids while you and your spouse enjoy alone time. When thinking of having time for yourself, always think about proper scheduling and you are sure to fit a couple of hours to spend by yourself of with your partner.

Teach The Kids
When your kids are no longer babies, this is the time that you can spend more time away from them. This will give you alone time, and at the same time teach your kids about being independent and not relying too much on your presence. This makes them understand that parents are not superheroes who are always ready for anything. If you do this, you will be raising independent kids who can stand on their own even when you’re not around.

No matter how busy your schedule is, it is always important to no let the kids take over your life. As said before, this is not a form of selfishness. There are just times when you have to put yourself first and get to enjoy what life has to offer the way you should.

Featured post provided by Sophie Davidson