November 23, 2014
by Mirka

Get 40% off Debenhams Flowers with All Baby Advice


You might remember my post on partying in Leeds, celebrating my lovely friend’s birthday two weeks ago. When I got home that Sunday night, I was feeling a bit sad as it was a fab weekend away, but I loved being back to my two daughters and daddy of course. And then there was this beautiful bouquet sent to me by Debenhams for a review. As I was choosing from New Baby Flowers, I was thinking about my very good friend from the Czech Republic who was expecting a  little boy any day, and went for the Baby Boy Romper & Hat Gift Set £44.99.

I love the combination of pure white roses and rustic blue thistles, don’t you? The perfect gift to welcome a baby boy into the world. Shame I cannot be sending her the bouquet, but I have packed the gorgeous romper and the hat, and cannot wait to see pictures with her little son wearing them.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 15.15.49

Use the discount code: DFBLOG40

I have some fabulous news for all my lovely blog readers. Debenhams have kindly supplied me with a code for 40% off any flower bouquet! How wonderful is that? Please read more about T&C below!

  • This entitles All Baby Advice blog readers to 40% off a luxury bouquet!
  • The only bouquets exempt from the discount is the Flowers By Post range.

I would love to hear which flowers you will be ordering, please let me know and share the news with your family and friends too!

November 21, 2014
by Mirka

My Top 10 Twitter Tips

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.45.06

You might know me on Twitter as @Kahanka and recently also as @Fitness4mamas. I have been tweeting for over 6 years now, and can happily say I love Twitter. It is my strongest social media platform, and I would love to share a few tips with you.

  1. Fill in your profile completely
    When you start following people and you want them to follow you back, they will check out your profile. It takes just about a few seconds, so make sure it includes all the vital info you want them to know about you to make them follow you back. If you have a website, don’t forget to include your link. If you have another twitter account, again mention the twitter handle in your profile. Don’t be shy! Have you won an award or been a finalist in something? Mention it in your profile! I never follow an account with no information, and honestly think not many other people do either.

  2. Profile picture
    Make sure you choose and upload a picture that represents your brand. It is wise to use the same picture (an avatar) across all your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc). That way people recognise you easier than if you have different pictures on each platform. Professionally taken photographs work the best. Create your own background image. Again it is much nicer to come to a personalised Twitter page. Choose an image that is somehow connected with your brand.

  3. Find followers
    It takes time to build up your audience, and the worst thing you can do is to start following hundreds of people. Find like-minded people to follow using Twitter search or using keywords that represent your brand. Give it a bit of time, and make sure you are tweeting on a regular basis. Nobody wants to follow an inactive account with not many followers, that is just trying to get followers. In your profile people can see how many followers you have, how many you are following, but also how many tweets have been tweeted from your account.

  4. Follow back
    If you are establishing your twitter account, I suggest to follow all people who are following you. Of course you will get an odd number of a bit “strange” people who you can even block, but after tweeting for 6 years, that honestly does not happen very often. With new followers go their their profile check them out, and start having a conversation with them. The best thing is to engage, as you never know who is following their account, and you can get other followers that way too.

  5. Be polite
    It is always nice to say a “thank you” to the new followers, or for RT (retweets) and favourites. Sending DM (direct messages) also works, but try not to include links to your other social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, etc. That just shows you are only interested in people to be following you, the number of followers. You are on Twitter, so keep it to Twitter. If someone really likes your Twitter chat and will want to find out if you are also on other social media platforms, they will ask!

  6. Create useful and interesting tweets
    Make sure you make the most of the 160 characters that is allowed in one tweet. Try to get some interesting information out there. RT other people to show you are not just pushing your tweets, but also listen to what other people have to say. Get involved in conversations. Don’t be scared to “but in”, just say it, and you will see people will not mind, at least most people.

  7. Advertisement
    Many people use Twitter to promote their business, which is fine, but you need to find the balance. I never follow accounts that just send tweets with links to their sites.

  8. Recommend others
    Every Friday there is a huge amount of #FF flying around on Twitter. If you’re a newbie, you have no idea what that means. Let me tell you the secret. This hashtag is called Follow Friday, and basically means people tweet with this hashtag letting other people know who is good to follow and also very often they mention why. For example “My #FF goes to @Fitness4Mamas for sharing her fabulous but also realistic fitness & health tips for real mums”.

  9. Regularity is the key!
    Even if this means just a few tweets every day, make sure you tweet on a regular basis. You can also schedule your tweets using for example Twuffer, but don’t over do it. It’s OK to go on holidays, just let your audience know in your last tweet.

  10. Have fun
    I started tweeting more than 6 years ago, and absolutely love Twitter. I am kind of addicted to it, but I have learnt to switch off when I need to like on family holidays. Twitter is a very powerful tool which can generate you huge traffic to your site if you do it the right way. Don’t rush it, it does take time, but it is well worth it.

Come and say HI to me on Twitter! @Kahanka

Mums' Days

November 19, 2014
by Mirka

Road Safety Week

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 19.11.14

You might have noticed that this week is marked as the Road Safety Week (17th-23rd November), and I am pleased to let you know that Kiddicare decided to ask parents their main questions regarding children’s car seats. Then they asked Britax UK car seat safety expert, Mark Bennett, to offer his advice on the following:

· Re-using and recycling car seats
· Rear-facing seats
· Safety and considerations
· Installation
· Securing car seats

I think that many parents will appreciate reading the post with some very interesting answers on Kiddicare’s blog. You might remember that I have two children, Olivia 2 and Isabelle 7, and we have been using quite a few car seats with them, but I also find the information very useful.

Do you know the answers to these?

  • Is there an expiry date on car seats?
  • Can you pass them down between children?
  • Are there any recycling schemes for old car seats?
  • Is it better to have forward or rear- facing car seats for your children until 4 years of age?
  • Who can check car seats for you if you buy them online?
  • How does the ISOFIX seat differ in case of a frontal or side impact compared to a belted system?
  • What are the advantages of ISOFIX?
  • Can you put thick jackets/coats on children in a car seat or does it make a difference to the distance between straps and their body?
  • Car seats for children under 4 go by weight, does the height matter?
  • Is a high backed booster seat better than one without a back?

I was actually really surprised at some of the answers to the above questions. If you would like to read the answers to any of the above questions, head over to Kiddicare’s blog.

If you have a question that is not included, please leave it in a comment below and I will pass onto Mark.

Disclosure: We have been sent a Britax car seat for Olivia in return for mentioning Britax tips on Kiddicare’ blog.