July 25, 2014
by Mirka

Shopping at Morrisons

WP_20140715_005You might have noticed we have recently moved, and that also means that we are still in the process of finding our way around the local area, finding where to get petrol for our car, where to get our late shopping done, and trying take-away places too. As we have moved closer to watford, I have come across Morrisons a few weeks ago, and went shopping there too. It was an OK experience, so when I was asked to review their online service, I was happy to go ahead too.

I have previously tried other brands for online grocery shopping, but I still prefer to get my shopping done in person. There is a reason behind it, I make sure the date on some products does not expire one day after getting the delivery, which happened to me before. Also, you might think I am one of the last mums not shopping with a shopping list sin my hand, but I always know what we need, and often get reminded  by seeing things on the shelves.

So how did Morrisons do? What was my experience like?

It actually came at the best time, as we had no food in the fridge after spending the weekend away with family in Belfast, and I had so many deadlines on that Monday, that I just could not spend 1.5 hrs on shopping at my usual supermarket. I was nicely surprised I was able to book the delivery for the following morning, and as it was between 7.30 and 8.30, it was just £1! I think that is as many mums would be doing the school run at that time, but luckily my mum is at home, so it wasn’t a problem for me.

I was sent a voucher code for this review, which was very easily applied after I did my shopping. First you need to register, and then just start shopping. On the first page there were the current special offers, which was very useful. It took me about 20 mins to do my shopping online, which is great. You can also save your shopping list for the next time, which can save time.


  • How would you rate the driver’s level of service? I can honestly say it could not have been any better. The driver had pleasant manners, arrived on time, and also carried all the bags into my kitchen.
  • How easy was it to sign up to the online service? Again, very easy, took just a few minutes.
  • How easy was it to find the products you were after? I found everything I needed, used the search box on top.
  • How happy were you with the freshness of the products received? That was the main thing I was interested to see, and can happily say, that all the products were fresh, and did not expire the following morning.



I have found a Chicken and pesto lasagne recipe in the Morisons magazines, and will be cooking a meal for 4 for £10. What a bargain!

Checken and pesto lasagne

serves 4, make it in 40mins, freeze it

3 mixed peppers, quartered, deseeded

12M Savers lasagne sheets

400g diced chicken

500g jar red lasagne sauce

430g white lasagne sauce

3tbsp pesto

30g parmesan, grated

240g mixed leaf salad, to serve

1. Heat the grill to its highest setting and cook the peppers skin-side up for 5 minutes, until charred. Heat the oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6.

2.Meanwhile, soak the lasagne sheets in boiling water, carefully separating sheets.

3. Place the peppers in a bowl with chicken and red lasagne sauce and stir to coat. Spoon a third of this mixture into an ovenproof dish. Drain the pasta and lay 3 sheets over the chicken layer. Spoon over a third of the white lasagne sauce then drizzle with 1 tbsp of the pesto. Repeat these layers twice more, then sprinkle over the Parmesan. Bake for 20-25 minutes until golden and the chicken is cooked through. Serve with mixed salad leaves.

Quality of service

I bought some steak and it was cut to my liking, we had the meat last week, and it was amazing. Even daddy realised we had meat from somewhere else, and we agreed we would be buying our meat from Morrisons from now on.

I think shopping online can save time, which is fabulous, and will be doing more often from now on. I was very pleased with my experience.

July 24, 2014
by Mirka

Tell me “What is your favourite criminal law topic?” and you could win £50!

sherlock holmes

This summer I am planning and hoping to read many books. Since I have started blogging, I read many blog posts, know so many other people’s stories, but have completely stopped reading books, which is a shame as I used to read a lot. I also think that becoming a full time mum means ” have much less time to spend on reading, but that should not be an excuse.

Our Isabelle has improved in reading so much, and you can also see she finally enjoys reading as often she wants to read to me, daddy or her little sister. Olivia loves books too, and is trying very hard to read her books to me at bedtime too. It is a very funny experience as of course she cannot read, but she remembers what is on each page from listening to me.

Year ago I used to love reading detective stories, and one of my favourite detectives is Sherlock Holmes for sure. I think he is very popular all around the world, at least I can confirm he is in the Czech Republic. I loved reading “The Hound of the Baskervilles”, and would love to read it gain. I also enjoyed the movie with Robert Downey jr and Jude law, that’s how I imagine Sherlock Holmes when I read about him these days. Could he be any more handsome?


How about you, do you have any favourite detectives and detective stories you would love to read again?

Anyway, for the latest competition I have teamed with Prime Lawyers, who would like to know the answer to this question: “What is your favourite criminal law topic?” You can win 50£. Maybe you could spend it on making your house look more like your dream house?

Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below!

Good luck!

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July 23, 2014
by Mirka
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Activities to Keep Your Family Fit and Healthy


It is important to try and keep your whole family fit and healthy, and that doesn’t mean just watching what they eat. With the amount of time children spend using screens increasing all the time, thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets, it is crucial to get your whole family out of the house and staying active.

If you create healthy habits when children are young, they will likely stay with them as they grow up. On average, kids should be active for around 60 minutes a day – this might sound a lot, but there are easy ways to get them moving.

Here are some great activities that your family can get involved with that won’t break the bank:


Summer is the perfect time to spend warm evenings and weekends in your garden. To keep a garden looking good, it takes time and effort, but this is something the whole family can do together.

If you have older kids, then help build a den or tree house with them, as this will be a lot of fun, or if they are younger you can play games with them in the garden such as catch or hide and seek. If you really want to get your children into gardening, then why not give them each a small patch of soil and let them plant whatever they want.


Walking is actually a great activity to help keep the whole family in shape. Why go to the gym when you could just walk to your local shop or down to the park and back. Just walking to school and back could make a huge difference and keep your whole family active.

If you have time at the weekends, then why not take in the nearest countryside and go for a walk or hike. You don’t have to spend hours walking up mountains, but just a gentle stroll through some woodland or by the river will give everyone some fresh air and get them moving. If you have a baby then consider buying a good off-roading pram such as the Peach Jogger from iCandy.


If you don’t fancy walking and are looking for a faster way to get around, then cycling could be ideal. If you have little children, you can get them a rear bike seat so that they can have a snooze as you cycle away.

There are lots of fantastic cycle routes around the country; just look online to see which one is closest to you. At the weekends you could make a day of it and take a picnic with you too – just make sure you have a tight rucksack, so that the food doesn’t weigh you down too much.


When the weather isn’t great, it is much easier to find an activity you and your family can do indoors. Swimming is ideal, as you can go at anytime of the day and there is usually a pool for adults and a pool for children.

Some pools have classes and times when only certain people can use them, so make sure you check online before making the trip. Swimming is a great skill to learn and a fun activity for the whole family to take part in.

Go to the Park

Most areas have a park nearby, and this is perfect place for you and your kids to get active. If they have a playground, then you can help your children play on the swings and slides, and if they don’t, then you can take a ball and play catch or football on the grass.

If you have a dog, then the park is the perfect place to take them and play fetch – your kids will love racing round with their pet and having fun at the same time. Just walking to and from the park will be great exercise for everyone too.

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