August 20, 2014
by Mirka

Travel in Time with IKEA!

We are big fans of IKEA, and recently have been doing quite  a few trips to our local store as we moved to our new house. IKEA has launched their new catalogue and is trying to help customers to experience their solutions in the future. To help them believe they are in the future they have teamed up with the world famous hypnotist Justin Tranz, who explained that “hypnosis is bypassing the critical faculty of your conscious mind and implanting selective thinking”.

Tranz, with over 6,000 stage shows in Vegas on his resume, quickly turned the IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms into a stage and passers into a stunned audience. In the experiment, Justin Tranz put a young couple in deep trance before they’re being exposed with potential life-changing events in advance. Guided by Tranz, the young couple embarks on a time journey where different life predictions awaits them – from celebrating a birthday for their imaginary 6-year old daughter, to an odd meeting in the bathroom with the same daughters future boyfriend, years later.

The experiment is about young people living out life’s big moments in IKEA bedrooms and bathrooms – rooms that IKEA is paying extra attention to this year, knowing that if everyone can start and end their day in a way that suits them, their everyday will become better as well.

How about you? Have you ever been hypnotised? I have to say I have never been, but I am very tempted by this. To find out how the people in the IKEA time experiment reacted, watch the short film also including interviews with all participants.

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August 19, 2014
by Mirka
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Hitachi Launching Its First UK Refrigeration Range

Have you heard of Hitachi? If not, here is some infomramton about this fast growing barnd. Hitachi was founded in 1910 as an electrical repair shop by Namihei Odaira based in Hitachi City, Japan. The company’s first product was three five-horsepower electric induction motors. Since then Hitachi has become a leading global electronics company. Today Hitachi is the number one refrigeration brand in Japan and continues to lead the world in electrical engineering and innovation of new products.

Hitachi cut out flow diagram

Last month I was invited to the launch of Hitachi first UK refrigeration range, and can tell you that it was a night to remember. Not only I was amazed by the stunning fridges, but also by the nitrogen ice cream and cool cocktails we were served. It was also lovely to meet up with Amanda from The Ana Mum Diary, and admire the venue too. The Ham Yard Hotel in the centre of London was just perfect for such an event, and I took a few pics just to remind me how great it was!




Me and Amanda

Leading global electronics brand Hitachi brings its innovative technology – including its inverter technology used in Japanese bullet trains – to the UK refrigeration market for the first time with a new range of beautifully designed, energy-efficient fridge-freezers. The initial 3 models for the UK – an American-style 589L capacity side-by-side and two freestanding fridge- freezers are being launched this summer, with Argos.

The technologically-advanced products will be competitively priced, ranging from around £1399.99 for the American style side-by-side, which is available in stunning metallic glass black or stylish metallic glass silver; and £549.99 and £599.99 for the fridge-freezers – which are available in two sizes, in a choice of gloss black or refined metallic titanium grey.

Hitachi Side by side lifestyle black close

Hitachi’s refrigeration range will appeal to consumers who want exclusive, trusted Hitachi technology and premium features and finishes, at an attractive price point. All products in the range offer usability at its best – they’re frost free; easy-to-clean both inside and out; offer superior and flexible storage; and incorporate quality components such as intelligently placed LED lighting; safe and attractive glass shelving; and nano-titanium filters to ensure a fresh environment for all stored produce. Energy-efficiency has also been a priority in the design of the UK range.

Hitachi’s frost-free, non-plumbed American style side-by-side model achieves an impressive A++ energy-saving rating, thanks to the unique inverter technology combined with dual-fan cooling. These two innovative technologies ensure efficient distribution of chilled air, supplying only the compartment that needs it, and finely monitoring and adjusting energy levels to maximise efficiency at all times. This technology helps achieve energy savings of up to 25% compared to other similar-sized models on the market.

Hitachi side by side cut out white

Clever design features include an elegant, flat, easy-to-wipe-clean glass control panel on the exterior, so the settings can be changed with a simple touch. There’s also an ergonomically designed ice and water dispenser that produces crushed ice, ice cubes or cold water via an easy-to-remove-and-replace 4L tank inside the refrigeration compartment. This can be easily filled with mineral water to ensure complete purity of the ice and water supplied.

Other intelligent features such as tempered glass shelving with flexible positioning options; thoughtfully-placed LED lighting at the top of compartments for easy-viewing; door alarm; and separate, temperature-controlled “high humidity” drawers for vegetables and fruit all ensure that this side-by-side really delivers in terms of quality and usability. With 589L net capacity, there’s plenty of storage space; and as there is no need for plumbing, this model can easily be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

Fridge freeer lifestyle closeHitachi’s new A+ energy-efficient fridge-freezer models come in a choice of two sizes – one at 186.8cm high, with 72L freezer/210L refrigerator capacity; and one at 200.9cm high, with 72L freezer/243L refrigerator capacity. They come in a choice of stunning gloss black or refined metallic titanium grey, with an attractive easy-to-use temperature display and control panel on the fridge exterior.

Both models offer options of “super cool” and “super freeze” for fast cool-down; plus “holiday” and “eco” modes to ensure extra energy-efficiency when required.

Hitachi bottom freezer black cut outAn attractive design combined with superior cooling technology and flexible storage make these models very appealing to anyone looking for quality at an affordable price.

I have to admit that at first I was not sure about the black design, but the longer I was looking at the fridges the more I was falling in love with the black colour. Shame we have a built-in fridge, would love to have one of these beauties in my kitchen!